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  1. Aye, the first movie had a raw authenticity that the others lacked.
  2. Talking of Rocky, his friend and future brother-in-law, Paulie, behaves pretty appalingly to his sister while Rocky doesn't do much to intervene. Not that it doesn't fit with the story, but I could see Rocky being made a lot more confrontational towards his behaviour were it made today. Paulie turns into a sort of bitter comic relief in the next few films. I think it's telling, though that it took Rocky Balboa in 2006 to try to redeem his actions in the first movie by having him realise how he'd treated her.
  3. I'm not saying the rest of the film isn't great. Just think that part probably wouldn't pass unnoticed if it was released today. Edit: here's someone saying the same thing in more words: http://www.horrorhomeroom.com/laughing-at-rape-reconisdering-young-frankenstein/
  4. The monster assaults a woman off-screen and it implies that she starts to like it just because he's got a big penis. It could be a direct parody of an old monster movie I've not seen but it's still a bit unsettling.
  5. I watched Young Frankenstein recently due to everyone hailing it as a comedy classic. It was rather jarring to realise that there's what seems to be a prominent gag about rape in the middle of the movie.
  6. I wonder where they were going to go with the little clips of BTK if they'd kept going. I always found those oddly fascinating and a compelling reason to watch the next episode. Then again I didn't know who he was until I looked him up after finishing the second series, so who knows what they would have done.
  7. Gemini Rue (PC) - I was thinking I hadn't played any adventure games for a long time despite being a fan of the genre. I knew the Wadjet Eye games had a good reputation having played The Shivah a while back and thought this would be a good one to pick up next. I definitely wasn't disappointed. As a pixelated neo-noir point 'n clicker it absolutely nails the look and feel of the older adventure games from which it takes its inspiration. The story had some good twists and no frustrating puzzles. I could take or leave the shooting mini-game, though, and there were definitely times - in the limited locations - where the fact that it was essentially developed by one person curbed its ambition. Still impressive, though. I didn't realise the Wadjet games were all by different developers and this guy had only made this one. He definitely needs to do something else.
  8. You get the occasional glimpse into their personal lives in their chat where they talk about still owning old TVs and PCs at home, so probably not swimming in it or they spend all their money on fast food and medical bills.
  9. Which one is playing Tom Bombadil?
  10. Wow. This has been in development for over ten years now.
  11. Someone must me buying these cards. Look at any game at all and you'll see something like 3 purchases in the last 24 hours. I always ask why? Do enough people want to complete the set or do people buy these as an investment?
  12. James Lyon


    It is sort of a speed run by the fact that the quickest way to complete it is not to die.
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