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  1. How do you get a bad frame rate with graphics like that?
  2. You don't really need to be fully stocked and prepared. I would go out with a couple of water bottles and a fish in the early-ish parts of the game, explore and be back in time without any worries. I could maybe have been more efficient but it worked. Turning off the survival stuff would take a lot of what the game is about away. It's definitely nice that it's there, though, if you don't have the time or patience, is just nice to see what the game looks like. I spent a long time in that 'dip' because I missed a plot thread. Because it's open world, though, you can just wonder about and see a lot of things in advance and pick up upgrades so it wasn't necessarily frustrating or a waste of time. The game environment is also easier than it looks, as long as you're careful. One tip: your vehicles can be destroyed along with their upgrades and storage contents and you don't get any salvage! Be sure to save often, or keep spare materials to hand if you're playing more hardcore.
  3. I also started in survival mode and then almost immediately regretted it because of the limitations and demands. Stick with it, though, as, depending on your tolerance, it makes the point where you ease those limits all the more sweeter. In fact, it would be a very shallow (geddit!?) challenge if it didn't have those restrictions. The basic base piece is a connecting pipe. You can fit a locker or two in one of those as needed, which is enough to start you off. The game isn't really directionless. More like a story with wide sides. Follow the hints on the radio and explore around to get the materials to get where it wants you to go. But exploring the unknown is more of the emphasis here. It will probably feel like you're missing something essential for ages and then you'll stumble across it and it'll excitedly open up a whole new world of possibilities. The good thing is that the map isn't randomly-generated (although the material ingredients are), which means you're guaranteed to find something good eventually.
  4. This is something I'm increasingly wanting as my kids get into games. My games on my Steam account! There must be a way for Steam to get it to work to their satisfaction.
  5. A few games down: Subnautica - a survival game for people who don't like survival game. Or, rather, those multiplayer ones where everyone's out to get you. This is single player with a definite end. Does get a little repetitive towards the midle as you have to kep crafting and keeping yourself fed, but exploring the great-looking, eerie alien depths more than pushed you forward to the end. Minit - Really good mini action adventure game. Time gimmick or no, I enjoyed it, maybe because the style reminded me of other classic games: some may say Zelda, but it evoked the old Dizzy-style games of the UK 8-bits. Perhaps it was the bonus coin collecting that did it. I was pretty chuffed that I managed to solve all the secrets without using a guide. That north temple one had me stumped for ages. 24 hours I spent on that game, which seems a bit ironic; when you know what you're doing you can complete the story in less than fifteen minutes! Steamword Dig - A Mr Driller style adventure and another good game. I'd hesistate to call it a Metroidvania as it isn't as intricate as that, but it does get lumped into the genre because of the increasing power ups, but generally the only way is down. It's another short game which is short butwhich I managed to pad out to way more than that by getting all the achievements. The ultimate of that requires you to complete the game without dying within a time limit and with a high score. It isn't too tricky apart from the fact you have to perform a sequence-breaking jump (intentionally acknowledged by the game) to make good time. That took me a good few hours to perfect (there are easier ways but I was committed). Finally got it down enough to finish. That's about as close I've got to a speedrun strat so I'm happy with that.
  6. James Lyon


    I hope he punches a sun in this one.
  7. I hope so. Although I get the feeling you'd have a great time until you left and realised you'd never be Tom Cruise, for better or worse.
  8. Floor Is Lava is some silly fun if you like Wipeout or Finders Keepers or physical shows like that. Keeps it mostly tight on the obstacle coursing itself rather than other fluff. Needs more Pat Sharp and screaming audience of kids, though.
  9. Do you think Tom Cruise would be good to go for a drink with? As long as he didn't bring up Xenu. I mean, Simon Pegg seems to vouch for him.
  10. I was surprised to see Tom Cruise giving his opinion on it:
  11. I hope you're not planning to buy the Mafia remake. Who knows where you'll end up.
  12. I'm sure someone's said this before and done the maths better, but was just thinking about the fact that the time between Ryan Davis' death and now is longer than the launch of the site to his death.
  13. That age old question of why does all anime look the same reflected back at us.
  14. Interesting. Never thought of the gallery scene like that. I do love the movie, too. It's not just a wacky high school caper.
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