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  1. Call of the Sea - a nice, pleasant ambulatory take on the Cthulhu mythos. It was't really doing anything that adventure games of this type were doing 15-20 years ago, however it at least looked pretty. I managed to solve all the puzzles myself, despite being pretty stumped for a while on some of them. I guess the pace was reasonable enough and it held together well. Some negative points for the achievements, though, as some were rather too obscure to find without looking at a guide. Never really liked that. But that doesn't really affect the game so just my bugbear.
  2. Yes, then the series is guaranteed to pay off after a few years.
  3. All this graphics quality and importing previous games talk. Has anyone actually murdered someone yet?
  4. Does anyone know how renewals like this work, actually, considering we don't know what the second season is like? Is it based on the viewing figures of the first or test screenings of the second?
  5. Has Prime had a very mild facelift? Looks like it's slightly easier to see what's free and what needs paid for at first glance.
  6. Remember that Mike was never really going to be a major character in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul could have been really different. Weren't they going to make it a sitcom at some point?
  7. Possibly, but why can't they do it if that's the case then, I wonder.
  8. Nice save. I wonder if Valve have any say on whether it happens or not.
  9. Maybe they'll have an ARG as well. Haven't had one of those in a while.
  10. Hannibal. It's got creepy and stylish murders.
  11. Oh, wow. Better than 8? That's definitely on the list.
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