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  1. Sad times. To be honest, it was all downhill since the sublime Konami 2010 conference.
  2. Not getting the expansion yet but the neon lights in the night races are very pretty.
  3. If Liv Tyler's in this, then Fantastic Four appearance confirmed. I (she) don't wanna miss a (The) Thing.
  4. 10. The Gunk - Sucking up the titular toxic sludge to have an environment then spring to life is always satisfying. Trouble is, there isn't too much more to it. A few minor puzzles and platforms, but most of the run time is spent on collecting resources for upgrades in lieu of mixing things up. A nice, quick experience otherwise.
  5. It's going to be fine. Everything's going to be fine. It's going to be...
  6. It's called 2K because that's how much you have to spend to get everything.
  7. Amazing to think I last played a game of Counterstrike probably in 2001 and it's still going strong.
  8. Would be equally good if Netflix could get back all the Power Rangers series they took down.
  9. Conversely, I love that stuff! Not sure why. Probably the anticipation of what I'm going to get at the end.
  10. Wikipedia says the first season is also on Funny Or Die's YouTube site but I can't see it there either.
  11. Do you apply that rule consistently by refusing to watch Will Smith's The Pursuit of Happyness?
  12. Wasn't he going to make a western TV series based on his last movie? He could definitely go into TV.
  13. 9. Guardians of the Galaxy - I'm seeing all the recent chat about Suicide Squad and how it tried to chase the fleeting popularity of the movies with a poorly judged multiplayer game. Guardians, early on, looked like it might have done the same; hanging on the coat tails of the Disney movies, it felt like it was going to be a cheap, bland knock-off of those, just like the Avengers, just like Sucide Squad (maybe there's a slim chance of being wrong on the latter?). But the good news! It was single player! That's a point in its favour at least. And, yes, it didn't turn out to be an off-brand version of the movies. Yes, it cribbed some of the snark and banter and, yes, it copied the pop soundtrack (although someone pointed out it was skewed more 80s than the 70s hits in the film), but those are good things from the movie. Just taking those bits is acceptable when they've made the effort to produce a fairly decent single player action adventure reminscent of the 360 at its finest. It's a fine romp, albeit sadly let down by some lacklustre combat. First off, it looks great. Really vibrant with some colourful alien landscapes and ships interiors to experience. There's some fine motion capture tech, too. Characters feel more alive and it all hangs together well. Levels were pretty linear and didn't really hide the corridor-combat arena-corridor nature but the story was intriguing, moving from small potatoes to galaxy-spanning threat quite nicely. It could have done with a little trim, though - some levels like the underground caves one felt like it went on a bit too long. Unfortunately, I didn't think much of the combat. Even on easy enemies seemed to take ages to kill and it lacked a certain oomph which meant it never really felt satisfying, even when spamming teammates special moves. The one good thing was activating the special mode which played a song to fight along to while increasing the frequency of special attacks. Slamming through a cluster of enemies while Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go played never got old. Too bad it was preceded by the same unskippable cutscene beforehand. But, really, it all hangs together with the banter between the group. There's a great script and dialogue in there with some decent character development that doesn't slavishly ape the movies. I've never read any of the comics, but this seems more faithful towards those while completely doing its own thing with the source material and is all the better for it. I played through twice to listen to the other dialogue choices you can make (which do change the story and some level paths in some ways) and it was till enjoyable, albeit let down somewhat by having to go through the fights again. A great 7/10-er, I reckon. If they want to have another go and really fix the combat, I'd be up for that.
  14. I believe Matthew Rorie handled the subscriptions. I never wanted to cancel my subscription as I felt awkward knowing he'd be reading my request,even if he doesn't know me from Adam. Thankfully it stopped automatically when I got a new debit card and I didn't have to imagine his disappointed face.
  15. This is one CIG that needs a warning on the packet
  16. If only they had the money to spend to ensure the update went smoothly.
  17. 7. Far: Lone Sail 8. Far: Changing Tides A pair of what I'll call Limbo-likes. 2D worldless side-scrollers in mysterious worlds where combat is absent and environmental puzzles abound. These two add an extra layer to it by focusing on controlling vehicles evidently designed for more than one person to journey from one puzzle blockade to the next. You run back and forth between each control, trying not to neglect one thing as you focus on another, all to make your vehicle trundle/sail along at a merry pace. Getting the hang of controls, as simple as they were, felt a bit tricky at first, especially in the second game where a few extra elements are added. Things only really clicked on a second playthrough. In fact, I think these games benefit from another run where they're short enough that you can enjoy the flow of the adventure again without being stumped at a tricky puzzle or flapping over the controls. It certainly changed my mind of the second, which I didn't think was as good as Lone Sail first time through (seemed a bit slower and emptier), but it just needed a bit more understanding of what to do. Would recommend. If you play one, play both as they both have their charms.
  18. Finished watching it. Was thrillingly terrifying. Only things that bugged me:
  19. I'm hoping they commit to one whole episode being a single take fight scene. Keep up the tradition.
  20. Eighteen episodes? Hmm. I hope they've got some decent stuff lined up. Anything more than 13 seems a big commitment these days.
  21. It's got plants in it, don't you know.
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