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  1. I feel, I hope, that Valve exercises some level of control over this. They don't seem like the type of company that would just let the movie people take full rein and ruin what they've built up. I could be horribly wrong, though.
  2. That Phoebe one was suggested by a fan just in case you thought the writers considered it.
  3. I don't know. If they got Stephen Merchant back as Wheatley that could be a good start.
  4. Fair enough. It's true his story was the most open of them all at the end. I guess what I meant was that he was the one who had the most charisma to star in his own show, in my opinion.
  5. I guess there's a reason why Joey was the only one who got his own spin-off show. He was always the most comedy of all the characters.
  6. They should get Zack Snyder to direct. Then we'd have both Enter Sandman and Mr Sandman guaranteed on the soundtrack.
  7. She was in Office Space so there's that.
  8. I played Beholder last night for the rewards quest. I like it when I'm nudged into playing something I wouldn't normally and end up spending ages on it. It's an entertainingly depressing game in the vein of Papers Please where you surveil residents of an apartment in an oppressive country while juggling your money and morals. Things escalated rather quickly for me on my first run through. My daughter died because I couldn't pay her medical bills, I reported my wife for reading illegal books and my son shot me. Nice. Will play more.
  9. It seems that it's still the case in animated movies. There's always a big name or two attached to the main characters so there must be people who'll only go and see one if they recognise the actor no matter how good the film is otherwise.
  10. It's faithful to the material, while also its own thing. It feels like a lived-in Pokémon world and doesn't go out of its way to unnecessarily explain the premise or feel embarrassed about being based on a game. Reynolds is good as well.
  11. Oh, God. Are we looking at a Batman TV series with a season-long story arc? Doesn't seem right.
  12. Broforce is leaving soon. A good little palette cleansing 2D platform shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously. Worth a go before it disappears.
  13. They should approach Valve. They never make it past the second season either.
  14. All I know is that most of my social group who were into Friends wouldn't have known what a torrent is, let alone downloaded one. But that's just my perspective.
  15. Quite possibly. I wonder if that outnumbers the original 90s audience, though.
  16. Yeah, I like the concept of his self playing snooker and stone clearing endeavours. Can't say I've ever listened to those, though. Not caught up with the stone clearing controversy, but surely that's got to tide him over in material for at least the next six months.
  17. He's also just recovering from having a testicle removed after getting cancer, so good for him for keeping at it.
  18. I could be wrong, but the majority of the audience interested in a Friends reunion won't really be in to torrenting.
  19. I guess it's telling that Perry really only gets one line in the whole trailer. Rather sad. I'm impressed they've managed to recreate the set so well, though. Do they keep all those props in storage, just in case, or is it all replicas?
  20. Does anyone else watch this? I've been a follower of Richard Herring's work since the Fist of Fun days and, while he hasn't been as critically acclaimed as his ex-comedy partner, Stewart Lee, he's done some equally good stuff since then, in my own opinion. Most notably his Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, where he interview various other comedians with an irreverent streak. Twitch of Fun is him doing a semi-improvised ventriloquist topical news show on Twitch with himself and a cast of puppets. The main one being Ally Sloper, a century-old proper ventriloquist dummy passed down from his grandfather. But also a shifty Prince Andrew and a innuendo-obsessed carrot among other things. While the main joke is that he's not very good at ventriloquism and he's just doing it to get back on TV, I find most of the characters he puts on genuinely funny. Obviously, it allows him to put out stuff he wouldn't normally say, but it's oddly natural. I'm surprised that I can find Ally a completely different character to Richard, even when you know it's him speaking. Anyway, I thought it deserved a bit more love. It's live at 8pm on Thursday, otherwise the shows are also archived on YouTube if you want to go through the back catalogue to understand the running gags. Last episode here: https://www.twitch.tv/rkherring
  21. It depends on the guests and the features, I find. It's good in getting people in to chat about the UK games industry who you'd never normally hear. It's definitely settled into a groove with the format, though.
  22. Yeah, that's the place. I never tried the Nail Arts either. My tactic up to that point was more quick healing and defensive charms. Obviously once the ground goes away, it's difficult to actually heal to stay alive. I'm starting to adapt. I'm only just learning to downward slash and bounce off enemies' heads. I managed all the other bosses with just the bog standard forward slash, though, so it's odd to change so late in the game.
  23. It's just their shorthand for Super Special Guest, i.e. whoever they have on as a guest on the show that week.
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