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  1. 99% done in this according to the menu. Still can't beat the Trial of the Fool, though. I think I've spent longer on that than any of the other challenges in the game so far. It's that gauntlet of flying beasties that does it in for me.
  2. Crate and Crowbar is a PC- based one, featuring a few ex-PC Gamer writers. It's pretty good and covers some games that don't usually get a mention on the bigger console-focused podcasts. Also One Life Left, which has been going for ages and features Edge alumni Ste 'Redeye' Curran. It's a nice snappy hour which they also broadcast on the radio so it's pretty accessible.
  3. Missing Vinny? He hasn't gone far yet. He's playing chess with Abby right now:
  4. I lost my streak again. I had about 45 days. I logged and did the mobile searches but didn't do the daily set as I was busy. I guess you have to do the daily set as well for it to count, not just go to the page. Lesson learned.
  5. Bakalar's permanently in the East Coast, isn't he? I wonder how they recruit for which location or are they committed to home working now? I'd miss them all getting together in one place.
  6. Dan and Abby playing Mario Party on Twitch last night. Worth it just for the classic Dan exchange where he argues that vanilla and milk are the same thing. https://www.twitch.tv/danryckert/v/1019459013?sr=a
  7. It wouldn't be Giant Bomb without somebody to hate.
  8. Doki Doki Literature Club definitely breaks the fourth wall in ways you wouldn't expect from the beginning.
  9. Just what I said above. I thought Fallen Order came to it pretty quickly but it was longer than I thought.
  10. I guess you're right. I thought Fallen Order only came out last year, but it was the year before that.
  11. Ah well. I guess it'll be on pretty sharpish, though.
  12. How does the EA stuff work? Will Mass Effect be on there day one or do we have to wait a few months?
  13. I've got to admit, I'm really intrigued for what they do next. Both those leaving and those staying. There's not many of my contemporaries in the games journalism business, at least not in what would be considered a traditional magazine / website role. I do want some more faces in that area that have actually lived through the 8/16-bit era and can talk knowledgeably about 90s hip-hop in between.
  14. Why didn't they call it the Diverse? Geddit!?
  15. The best thing about it is the giraffe enjoying himself in the logo.
  16. On the plus side, I've got a couple of years' backlog of GB podcasts to listen to, so this is a good opportunity to finally catch up.
  17. Too bad, although if there's one thing The Wiggles taught us, having most of your group leave at the same time, leaving behind a stalwart founder to oversee a younger, fresher gang can work wonders.
  18. I thought they were filming in the Lake District? Mere, Windu
  19. Metroid Prime 4 and a new Kojima game teaser. That's about the size of it, I'm sure.
  20. Are you using Edge? It was bad when I tried it on Firefox first. I don't know about Chrome.
  21. Has anyone had an issue with saved games disappearing? I had a save on Viva Pinata which I was playing on Android. I tried it on PC today and it wasn't there. It wasn't back on Android either. I've tried a few other newer games and they seemed OK. Possibly a 360 thing?
  22. The Paul Bettany stuff is good. Everything else is a bit forgettable.
  23. How many seconds into the first episode before an Instagranite gag?
  24. I think 70p for a Mars Bars is extortionate. £70 for a game? No chance. And if it means the triple AAA market collapse because I don't, then, ah well, never mind. It's not like I was ever going to do it in the first place.
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