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  1. How is the HDMI out on this? Does it display the correct aspect ratio? Scanlines? etc
  2. I tend to play older stuff, but this is my list as it stands. Game of the Year A1. Ghost of Tsushima A2. Huntdown A3. Streets of Rage 4 A4. Astrobot A5. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Xbox Series launch line up Z2. Ridge Racer/Wave Race still out to pasture Z3. Watch Dogs Legion Sound Design of the Year S1. Ghost of Tsushima S2. Streets of Rage 4 S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Ghost of Tsushima V2. Huntdown V3. Writing of the Year W1. Ghost of
  3. Just picked the ultimate edition up to cheer myself up after not being able to see my folks at Xmas. Which would be the best game to start with if I haven’t played either, Morales or Spider-Man Remastered?
  4. Anyone given this a bash on PS5? Tempted as it’s in the sale.
  5. What’s the deal with HDR? It appears it’s always on, whereas with the PS4 Pro my Samsung TV would only engage HDR mode when it booted a native HDR game or movie. Played a couple of 2D pixel art games (Darius and Metal Slug) and the colours look way off with HDR automatically kicking in. Then tried disabling HDR completely In the PS5 settings, which would be a pain to do manually for every non-HDR game, and that doesn’t look right either. I hope Sony patch in an option to allow HDR to only kick in on actual HDR designed content, as per PS4 Pro.
  6. Happy to find my Brook PS4 to PS1/2 adapter works without issue on PS5, meaning I can use my PS2 Saturn pad and Namco PS1 stick
  7. Wreckfest Load times massively reduced and plays smooth as silk.
  8. 4tb drive nearly full. Ok, so I should just let it do its thing for a while then I guess. Thanks.
  9. Finally got my grubby mitts on one thanks to the awesome @Jei Unfortunately though I’m having external HD issues right off the bat. It recognises the HD (which I had been previously using on my PS4 pro under the same profile) but it just sits on ‘Checking extended storage. Please wait...’ when I try to load a game or transfer to internal storage. Anyone run into the same problem or can offer up a solution?
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