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  1. Surprisingly good actually, if I hadn’t know I’d have guessed it was outputting 1080p. It’s certainly a better image than the Switch Home Screen, which I understand is also 720p
  2. Cheers, but I’m incredibly cack-handed and wouldn’t have a chance at successfully doing that!
  3. Anyone able to have a go at fixing my Matrix Infinity slim PS2? It struggles to read discs and I’m useless at this stuff.
  4. Good thinking! When you say the PSP version of the game, is that just an eboot version of the game? Although the best part of Duckstation wasn’t just the upscaling, but how it sorted out the wonky geometry
  5. Any way to get Duckstation working with this now? Seems the standalone version no longer exists, and trying to load PS1 games on Retroarch slecting the Duckstation core throws up an error too
  6. I recently picked up 5 really nice condition N64 games from CEX for a total of £77. Goldeneye, Turok, 1080, Wave Race and F1 World GP. So nothing r@re or anything like that m. Decided after a week or two to stick them on eBay, as I’m generally collecting NTSC stuff to play and they’d just sit on the shelf. They sold for £390. Turok, which cost me £20, went for £170! Absolute madness.
  7. If I’ve upgraded my one x to a series x, do I have to install everything from the start or is there a way to transfer RetroArch etc over?
  8. Don’t suppose anyone has a spare slot on an online + expansion family group? Really want to try out Wave Race on the there. Happy to pay my share
  9. The scene from Kim’s new life
  10. Worked in a couple of major games retailers for about 7 years as sales assistant and assistant manager. Below are some random memories my brain has farted out since reading this amazing thread. - Having a massive standee box delivered and cutting out two tiny eye holes and standing in there and hiding whilst pissing myself laughing for about an hour and a half on the shop floor and occasionally making customers jump. My mate shuffled down to the Virgin megastore in it whilst we listened in to the provincial security guards over the store radio summarising a strategy to tackle him. - Powerbombing colleagues through empty delivery boxes out the back of the store, which our manager put a stop to once I accidentally hospitalised a colleague after he landed flat on the back of his head on the concrete floor. - the local shoplifter/druggies. Guy who came in having bought Goldeneye from an indie who broke street date and then demanding we offer him £100 cash for it ‘cos you ain’t selling it yet bruv’ then threatening to stab my manager when he said no. - Manchester Giants basketball team coming in when I was working alone(!) on a Sunday and me joking time them that they could happily rob the place and I wouldn’t intervene, which I worried for weeks afterwards sounded racist rather than a reference to their size. - Playing every shit PS1 game on a dull Tuesday on the tv screens to decide which was the worst game on the system (I think we settled on Cyber Sled at the time) - My pride and joy, the ‘Saturn corner’ which I kept immaculate. A dozen or so sealed copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga in the bottom drawer which I bloody wished I bought now. - Telling everyone who would listen to buy Symphony of the Night instead of Tomb Raider 2, and ISS instead of FIFA. - Being akin to a local celebrity when on a night out, with several local chavs approaching me with variations of ‘ere mate, when’s FIFA 99 out?’. Grew tiresome fast. - the oddball customers. From Oddjob who used to just come in and stare at us, to the Go Lightiy family who had a fetish for Simon the Sorcerer through to the guy who could never remember the names of the game he was looking for - “the one with the duck!” Donald Duck? “No” Ducktales? “No!” Eventually found out it was Metal Gear Solid (?) - sku swapping to get a bargain. That 7415 became 7403 in a blink of an eye. - Scaring the shit out of the new assistant manager by leaving an assortment of standees (Darth Vader etc) at the back door as she’d let herself in. - The intro to Time Crisis being on repeat on the monitor for 2 weeks straight and it searing into my brain (be my guest and let me ENTERTAIN YOU) - customers losing their shit over the most stupid of things. Ie a selection of games priced at £7.99 and £4.99 in a 2 for £10 promo. A woman picking up two £4.99 ones and us saying well that’ll be £9.98 for those two so no saving to be had and her threatening to call trading standards and storming out. Another customer calling my manager a ‘ginger mug’ so that became his nickname, along with Ging the Merciless. - installing a giant magnet under the counter so when we’d have seriously rude/obnoxious customers we’d wipe their credit/debit card strips. - a local geezer who made friends with all the staff clearly just to get a bit of a discount. Absolutely loathsome little shit, so I had none of it and naturally he hated me. Unprovoked punched me in the shopping centre one day so descended into a fist fight, then came to the store later trying to attack me. May have found out where he lived and done a Final Fight on his car a few years later
  11. Got a good deal from a guy on Instagram - Batsugun and Kingdom Grand Prix, both mint w/spine for £180. Been after Batsugun at a fair price for an age, along with Layer Section my favourite Saturn shmup.
  12. Really want this re-release of Gleylancer, but not shipping to UK https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/d/B0B3X7LGLY/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A1G8079E2QBFT4&psc=1 Anyone know of anywhere it’s available to the Uk?
  13. Just picked this up - This thread is bad for my bank balance
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