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  1. Ghost of Tsushima - rainy day edition
  2. So far all this has done is remind me why I mostly play retro games now
  3. Let us know if it’s true re forced widescreen etc please
  4. Have a Saturn with a Fenrir installed connected to an OSSC on the Oled in the lounge, but was missing one in my retro games room, so decided to pick up my second favourite variant (after the This Is Cool Saturn) - the mk 2 Victor Saturn. I just love those buttons 😍
  5. Strictly Limited.
  6. My copy of Drainus on Switch arrived. Looking forward to giving it a go, heard good things
  7. Create a Turkish PSN account with a random address (a library or such like), then get a virtual card with crypto. com. You can then load this with credit from another debit/credit card and purchase from the Turkish store. Games are playable from your main account. I think there’s a more in depth guide on hotukdeals if you get stuck
  8. Picked this up on the Turkish store. £30 and unlocks at 9pm tonight, just in time for when the little one goes to bed 😁
  9. Looking for a Japanese Saturn, pref boxed if anyone is selling?
  10. Hyper Duel, Eliminate Down, Salamander 2, Macross Scrambled Valkyrie (SNES)
  11. Posted this in the Mega Drive thread too - a couple of new arrivals this week Two of my three favourite MD shooters, along with Gaiares.
  12. Yeah it’s legit one of my favourite shooters of all time, never thought I’d get the chance to own it but had the chance to get it at a really good price (lol). Part funded by a US copy of Klonoa I sold which fetched a ridiculous £320, considering it’s easily available elsewhere.
  13. Added a couple of shelf-fillers to the collection
  14. Banging my head against a brick wall getting games to show up in Dolphin on this. I run the latest build in retail mode, go to set Dolphin user folder location and pick a folder on my usb stick for it to build to. Close out then add path to where my GC isos are, but nothing shows up. Any ideas what I might be missing?
  15. Sunset Bay or Drake Lake from Wave Race 64
  16. Also potentially interested in the white Saturn if you put it up in trading
  17. I probably wouldn’t bother with those. I have one and it’s ok, but way stiffer than an original pad which is a thing of beauty
  18. When I worked at EB there was a recall on Pac Man on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, as the hyphen on the vertical spine made it look like ‘Paci Man’
  19. And now his former Screaming Trees band mate, Van Connor, has passed too. Half of one of my fave bands of all time, gone in a year
  20. How tricky is it setting up a hard drive with Free McBoot? Is anything else required? I seem to remember you used to need a PS2 network adapter? need alternatives as my Matrix Infinity PS2 no longer reads discs
  21. https://www.strictlylimitedgames.com/en-gb/collections/cannon-dancer
  22. If you haven’t played Xeno Crisis, get on that
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