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  1. Well that’s disappointing:( Guy sounds like a bellend. Good job I bought a flash cart from Krikzz this week too then.
  2. I just ordered the Neo SD from Terraonion. Hefty outlay, but looks good
  3. Using the Moves (and the big lightgun attachement thing) on PS3 for shooting games was terrible though - really innacurate and prone to constant drifting. Is it any better on PS4?
  4. So the legend that is @Treble kindly modded another of his pile of AES consoles he sleeps upon and sent it my way. An absolutely incredible job, the console is immaculate, picture quality incredible and I’m finally living the dream of my 14 year old self in owning one of these bad boys And here she is, taking pride of place in my little retro gaming basement - Now I just need some games! Anyone selling any of the games which don’t cost a kidney, please give me a shout
  5. Close enough, Trees Lounge Brilliant film.
  6. Dreamcast - Zero Gunner 2, Psyvaria 2, Ikaruga. Cube - Shikigami No Shiro 2, Super Star Soldier. PS2 - Espgaluda, Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou, Mushimesama, Gradius V, Ibara PSP - Gradius, Salamander and Parodius collections, PC Engine collection with the Star Soldier games
  7. 🕹 High Score Day #10 - https://highscoreday.com
  8. People seem to forget/not realise Guardian Force on ST-V already had around 7 frames of input lag, so an extra frame is far from a deal breaker. Fairly sure Cotton 2 and Boomerang were quite laggy in their original incarnations too. Post-patch, I find the first collection plays just fine and I am someone who is sensitive to excessive input lag.
  9. Do we know if these will get physical releases too?
  10. I’ve changed the kind of games I play. No more big, sprawling, confusing-systems which you forget when you come back to it type games. Replaced those with more shmups, run n guns and arcade style or retro games. Haven’t looked back tbh
  11. Would definitely like to register my interest!
  12. My goodness, that’s incredible. Always wanted an AES, double want one of these One day…
  13. The big one is obviously Wave Race 64. Until that shows up, I’m keeping my money in my pocket* *or spending it on other eshop delights
  14. Picked this up for cheap (comparatively) from the Turkish psn store. Not really sure why, as I usually bounce off serious racing games, but wanted something sparkly and new for PS5. Unlocks in an hour or so
  15. Thanks. Had a bit of a wobble last night, but perspective has returned a bit today. Certain artists accompany us on our journeys through life and it hurts when they go. Mark was one of those for me. I am grateful I saw him live a few times, met him (even though he was a grumpy bastard) and that he gave us a glimpse into his soul with all the fantastic music he leaves behind.
  16. I’ve been struggling to hold it together with my depression and anxiety for a while now, and tonight this feels like a push over the edge. One of my musical idols, along with Chris Cornell. It feels like the music which has been a blanket for me all my life has all been pulled away, there’s no one really left
  17. Yep and it’s excellent from what I can tell. Haven’t opened it up, but Immaculate cosmetic condition and the RGB output on my B&O tv puts my Super Famicom and Megadrive to shame. Loads both CD games and Hu Cards quickly and without a hitch. So far, so good Now I just need to pick up a few more games and an Everdrive
  18. They should and most likely will, rightly, pursue charges, regardless of the victim’s desire to do so or otherwise. My understanding is that in cases of domestic violence, there has been a change in the emphasis on this in recent years and they will still prosecute to protect the wider public.
  19. Like a few on here, my most valuable items were things I’ve regrettably since parted with, partly to fund a burgeoning record collection, partly out of plain stupidity. Highlights were - A mint W/spine copy of Harmful Park on PS1 Cotton on Neo Geo Pocket Colour - sold this on here about a decade ago for £28, worth about 20 times that now Ninja Cop mint and complete GBA Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga and various other top tier Saturn shmups Regret those the most and wish I could turn back the clock. Now I’ve a large collection of mostly mid-value stuff, but the item I cherish most is probably my original Japanese copy of Alien Storm on MD, which I remember aged 12 having a friend sleepover the night before it came in the post so we could play it all day the second it arrived
  20. I ordered one of the Doujindance modded Duo R’s. Will update the thread when I check it out
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