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  1. E-Swat on MD was far better than the arcade game. Still not amongst the system’s best though.
  2. Are there differences, aside from the titles? Think I only ever played the Western version. Edit: yep.
  3. I actually kinda like the design 16 games isn't enough though, if it's going to be £200. No SF Alphas, later Darkstalkers etc. Will hopefully be easily hackable, but I don't see this selling too well. Most people who want them have nearly all these games several times over by now.
  4. Sure, and this is possibly a rubbish thread as a result, but I was thinking of games where the first one is either average or plain bad and a sequel comes along that blows away all expectations. Rsdio named Street Fighter > Street Fighter 2 and this is a great example
  5. Inspired by the 'the first one is still the best' topic, which games do people think had middling or downright poor first entries followed by infinitely superior sequels? I guess the theory with game sequels is that with the advance in technology plus often a bigger budget to play with after a relatively successful debut, the sequels should be superior (unlike movie sequels), but we know by the other thread this isn't always the case. So what games surprised you, after a poor debut entry? I'll start by suggesting Assassin's Creed. First one, whilst pretty, was fairly rubbish, but the sequel was (and still is) one of the best in the series, improving on the first in pretty much every area. GTA (and to a lesser extent 2) was an ok 2D PC/PS1 game, until 3 came along and, taking everyone by surprise, completely redefined the genre.
  6. Is that the No Clutter Classics pack? Seems to weigh in at 176gb. Or is there a different, larger one available? I'm guessing if I was a punk in an arcade I'd be able to find it?
  7. Madness. DK64 was the worst example of collectathon bobbins.
  8. Ultrawings. It started life as a decent PSVR game, not sure how well it translates to non VR, but it certainly doesn’t have the character or variety of a Pilotwings.
  9. I have the original Borderlands digitally on Xbox One via 360 backwards compatibility and noticed it just updated when I turned it on, which is obviously unusual for an old 360 game. I’m a little confused, has it updated to the remastered GOTY addition? Thought console owners had to buy the new version?
  10. Pre-ordered on Xbox. Hope this does the business for you @CrashedAlex. Would love to see you and your team given the opportunity to work on a big budget arcade racer again.
  11. Crackdown 3 works for me. A little mayhem, collect a few more orbs, rinse and repeat. No complex systems or controls to have to fumble with or relearn.
  12. The best racing game this gen. Gutted it never received a pro patch.
  13. Never seen that on PS4 (pro).
  14. A little more appreciative? They’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They introduced it to sell more consoles. It’s clear that this is no longer remotely a priority for them though as the quality of games being made backwards compatible has nosedived in recent weeks.
  15. Yeah could well be that. I’ll have a few games with you with my silver ball team if you like in the week?
  16. It’s something like £3 digital from CDKeys currently too
  17. I play myclub daily and never have any problems finding players.
  18. London Has Fallen. Not just shit, but has a really nasty tone about it.
  19. Conversely, I thought it was utter shite, particularly when compared to the first.
  20. Ok that’s torturing me, where is it from again?
  21. On PS4, yes, as well as full kits etc. Xbox is far more restrictive as there is no import of option files/kits etc
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