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  1. It’s an AT Games Legends Ultimate, so an emulation based multicade rather than a cabinet. Has OTG mode to hook up external devices so I also run Dreamcast on it via ReDream
  2. Thanks for that, really good info. Still weighing up my options. Will let you know if I go for it
  3. Thoughts on this? Seems to be recapped and sorted for RGB. Anything I need to be wary of, or does this look like everything I’ll need? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC-Engine-DUO-R-Scart-RGB-settable-Csync-75-TTL-CVBS-Region-Free-Jailbar-fix-LPF-/194705224513?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  4. Probably completeing Ghouls N Ghosts, Super Ghouls N Ghosts and the utter bastard that is Ghosts N Goblins back to back in one sitting, including second run throughs (except for Ghosts, because fuck that), when I was off work from my first job after a particularly unpleasant trip to the dentist.
  5. Super Mario World Final Fight Street Fighter 2 Wave Race 64 are my easy top 4 picks. No 5 doesn't immediately spring to mind. Probably either Castlevania SOTN or Rock Band 3, depending on playing alone or the enormously fun social event RB 3 used to be.
  6. A big old blind spot in my retro collection is the PC Engine/Core Grafx as I was always a MD kid growing up. I’ve decided to pick one up but have a few questions for the knowledgeable folk on here. 1. I understand the PCE doesn’t do RGB, but can be converted? I’ve also read there are different options for this, including a plug and play solution? What are peoples thoughts on this? 2. What are peoples experiences with an Everdrive solution, as I mostly want to play shmups and of course the prices are eye watering now? 3. Is there a best system to get? The white PCE looks the best to my eyes, aesthetics wise, but is the Core Grafx an improvement in any tangible way? Anything else I need to bear in mind? And does anyone have a set up to sell me?
  7. It’s available, in a seemingly limited capacity. I ordered one from eBay today - with the 10% code was around £22.
  8. It’s fine. It’s basically the PSP version emulated. Doesn’t have the original ‘what is a man?!’ Dialogue which it got a bit of stick for, but it’s a perfectly decent version of an incredible game.
  9. I always wanted to try a thing called tuna sashimi
  10. I’m not surprised at all. I dropped £100+ on an original copy on eBay literally the day before this was announced. The very same thing happened with the Zombies re-issue, which I bought 3 days before the announcement. Anyone have any games they want re-issuing? Let me know.
  11. Didn't RR6 run at a smooth 60FPS anyway? Will there be any noticeable improvements on Series X?
  12. Has the awesome feature of the Director talking to you over the headset too.
  13. FPS boost is only a feature on Series consoles, right? My pauper Xbox One X doesn't support it?
  14. Can you select the region? Is the UK release the pal rom, with the US being the 60hz US rom? Would seem odd they would do that, but plan on picking this up soon so be good to know
  15. By a different developer. It’s neither particularly good, nor bad. Just very uninspired and not a patch on Twin Cobra
  16. Vert - Crimson Clover World Explosion Hori - Rolling Gunner
  17. Similarly they haven’t shipped my Dangun Feveron yet either. These guys are constantly over-promising and under-delivering. They can get fucked, I’ll stick with the PS2/360 versions
  18. The proof of this appears to be how the takeover has proceeded, on the legal basis that if this transpires to not be the case, the club face expulsion. Though I admit I’m clutching at straws for the sake of my own cognitive dissonance here.
  19. Of course I’m conflicted by it. I’d have greatly preferred a far, far poorer, but without the links to human rights abuses, consortium come in and buy us, I really would. I, probably naively, hope that the added spotlight on Saudi Arabia may lead to some sort of an improvement in their human rights record. But then I’m also happy that the local area, where I still have family, will have much needed investment and that my club, who I’ve loved since a kid, will finally be free of Mike Ashley and the 14 years of misery he’s brought. Like I said, it’s easy for people to speak from a distance and say anyone with a moral compass should immediately stop supporting the team, when it’s not their team they’re talking about. I’ve long since admired Leicester’s ownership and would love my team to have an owner like that come in, but it seems they’re firmly in the minority.
  20. Haha so that’s your justification. Who’s kidding themselves now? By watching them and therefore effectively supporting them through TV rights etc, just not buying a shirt, you don’t think you’re being a massive, pious hypocritical prick?
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