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  1. Yet, there you are mere weeks ago in this very thread using the term ‘we’ when describing Man Utd. So I call bullshit on that. Lots of stones being thrown from glass houses. It’s legally binding that the consortium are separate from the Saudi state, with the club being at risk from expulsion if this is not the case. Seems pretty decisive to me. Ashley gone, at last. Enjoy it, Cowfields. I know I will
  2. Except it’s not. It’s been pretty clear that the takeover wouldn’t be ratified unless the buyers could prove they are a separate entity to the Saudi state. Which seemingly they have now done, according to reports. Would I have preferred the club to be bought by Greenpeace or Amnesty International? Of course. Am I opposed to the Saudis human rights abuses? Of course, just as I am China, Russia and our very own Government’s. Do I feel that the burden and responsibility of who buys our club should fall on the supporters? No, and I think it’s unfair to suggest otherwise, and belies an issue many other supporters have long since had with our fan base. It’s really easy to say stop supporting the team when it’s not your team who you’ve supported your whole life. Just as with Ashley, I support the team, not the regime. I’ll continue supporting my team now, as I did before, and as I will long after the latest owners have come and gone.
  3. Who do you support, Plissken? Sounds like you, along with a lot of other outsiders looking in, hold a lot of incorrect assumptions and bitterness towards Newcastle fans.
  4. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/classic-shooter-gleylancer-arrives-on-switch-soon Nice!
  5. Is there a way of playing this with a Cube pad on Switch?
  6. It's dreadful. Absolutely woeful. What on Earth have they been doing for 2 years?! Instead of creating a next gen game, they've clearly just looked to bring it in line with the mobile game, to get more milk out of the MyClub cash cow. The controls are slippy and imprecise, shooting is awful and god knows what they've done to the defending. The pitch and crowds are laughable, glitches are commonplace. RIP Pro Evo/PES 1997 - 2021
  7. The guy who lived here before was a middle class retiree, so I hope so
  8. Guy who lived here before was an electrician so perhaps he used it to practise? Either taht or some sort of electric sex dungeon.
  9. We recently moved into a place which has a tiny little basement downstairs that had previously been used as a storage/utility room. Figured instead of ending up as the inevitable dumping ground, I’d make the most of the generous supply of plug sockets available and use it as a little retro gaming nook Before - Now - CRT on the right is a B&O MX 4000 I picked up recently to replace my dead Trinitron and has the deinterlacing feature for 480i games. The monitor on the left is on a rotating stand for Tate shoot em up goodness Upstairs under the main TV is my PS5, Switch and Xbox X plus my minis and Shield TV for emulation on the big screen. Multicade in the spare room alongside the bulk of my games, aside from MD, SF and SMS which are all downstairs with the retro set up
  10. Posted this in the pics that make you laugh thread, but thought I’d post it here too. A couple of months ago I viewed the flat Ted Lasso ‘lives in’ without realising (the one used for the exterior), but didn’t take it in the end as needed a bit more space with a baby on the way. As it was pissing rain, I absently mindedly cut right across their set and literally bumped into Jason Sudeikis. He was super cool about it, funny and kind, and happy to stop for a pic - just like Ted
  11. Raging Blasters is back down to 50% off on the Japanese eShop. Well worth the £8 or so to grab a 1000¥ card and pick up. Absolutely brilliant PC Engine style shooter.
  12. I have a B&O MX4000 I play retro on and I’ve recently noticed a low pitched buzzing coming from the back of it when turned on. It’s not super loud but it is noticeable from a few feet away if playing a game and there is no music. I’ve read it could be anything from a harmless hum from the power transformer to it being a faulty flyback and only good for the tip. Anyone have any knowledge around this?
  13. TMNT 2 Battle Nexus. Though googling to confirm just revealed that the port is missing the original music and some of the voices for some reason.
  14. Donkey Kong 64 had original Donkey Kong and Jet Pac Ninja Gaiden Black had Ninja Gaiden arcade and NES versions TMNT on Xbox had the TMNT arcade game Tekken 5 I think had Tekken 1,2 and 3 in there somewhere
  15. Nice. Thought it was Limited Run only. Got a link? Edit - Never mind, I see it has a general release!
  16. Nice. Thought it was Limited Run only. Got a link?
  17. Sure they’re perhaps not perfect for pros, but they’re perfectly decent for the average gamer and even most shmup players. Of course it helps having a low latency TV and the right choice of controller (the Retro Bit Saturn pad with dongle is one of the best options)
  18. Not true, they are absolutely fine. Gunbird 2, for example, has exactly the same amount of lag as the Dreamcast version (6 frames) which I don't remember anyone crying about. The Psykio ports are well worth the cost of a pint each.
  19. is that the Aleste Collection on the top row? Box art looks different, is it a limited edition?
  20. Konami’s Vendetta aka Crime Fighters 2 is out now on the eshop. One of the very best classic beat em ups imo.
  21. If anyone on here does consider selling Japanese Md and Saturn games, could they please consider dropping me a list first? I sold mine many years ago and regret it ow I have more space and am desperately trying to slowly rebuild the collection I once had.
  22. All over this. Twin Cobra is one of my fave shmups of all time. Sold the PS1 version a few years back and regretted it, so this is great news for me Shame Kyuokyo Tiger 2 isn’t included, mind you.
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