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  1. The Darkness are a bit shit if you ask me, but each to their own. If anyone feels like listening to a real light hearted cock-rock album, from a band who sported a genuine charasmatic frontman (til he OD'd just before their debut album hit and was set to propel them to mega-stardom.. d'oh) i'd urge you to check out MotherLoveBone's self-titled album. Absolute class, which inc. such epics as 'Half-Ass Monkey Boy' and 'Captain Hi-Top (love commander)' to give you an idea what to expect Geeetar indeed
  2. Q. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? A. Fa Drizzle Cue tumbleweed...
  3. If PD0 is a 7, then Timesplitters 2 was every bit a 9.. at the time, easily the best multiplayer fps. But then i still don't get why people get so wound up by review scores. As a wise old Chinese stereotype once, probably, said ; 'Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one but they don't really hold a lot of water..'
  4. Sorry, did Edge rate it highly then?..
  5. Hmmm i got a DS a couple of months back, and really haven't given it anywhere near enough love. I have SM64, Castlevania, Project Rub and Trauma Centre on order. Aside from Ouendan, which i played briefly & left me a little cold, what games do i need to pick up people to make me my DS and why?..
  6. I know, i should share my ammo.. there are children meleeing in Ethiopia...
  7. Kinda new to this Live tomfoolery, looking for some non-twat players to play against.. add me B)
  8. What's the problem with the magic boxes then? If theyre not faulty and simply a preference thing, you could always trade them on here?
  9. I have no friends people, add me Oh Mutants
  10. I for one did, with my first generation U.S machine it was awful, scratces all around the edges of the discs.. and i am pathetically anal when it comes to looking after my games, hope this is bollocks about the 360
  11. More scratched disscs y'say? Great, at £50 a pop this time too! Anyone heard any more about this, don't really want my 360 standing up cos it looks a bit... gay
  12. Well my local game are doing 7.a.m opening, no midnight launch Buuuuut.. i held my xbox360 today, cradled it in loving arms, as they got their first batch in today
  13. My god, he's ugly. He can keep his 3 Xboxs', i have a cracking looking GF.. something old monkey boy there could only dream of! Ps would be happy to trade her for 3 Xbox360's...
  14. I spoke to the store manager of my local Game store where i used to work today, and he informed me there was a H/O meeting (Buying allocation depts etc) going on TODAY with regards to stores being told their allocations imminently. Off the record he also believes that most stores should will be able to fulfill the majority of their paid preorders with 'premium packs'..
  15. Bugger. I'll just ebay my LTD Ed copy instead then..
  16. I've got an unplayed Promo copy of Ico on Pal PS2, surely this would be far 'rarer' than the LTD Edition one which was on general sale? Thinking of Ebaying it too, anyone have an idae what it is likely to fetch?
  17. Spikeout: Battle Street, Xbox The original arcade game was fantastic, this long-awaited (in my eyes anyway) sequel is pure toss.. The damage, £20 Have to agree with Nightmare Creatures 2 as well, picked it up on the Dreamcast for a fiver.. it made me embarassed for the developer just playing it.
  18. Take it from our drummer, Puff... being good it gets you STUFF! B) Mike Bordin is an awesome drummer (still love FNM), but for me in terms of rock drumming the stuff Jimmy Chamberlain done on Mellon Collie was absolutely awe-inspiring
  19. I have a U.S PSP and am thinking of getting Wipeout, probably a U.S copy. Do you need to get the right download for the country of origin of the game or the country of origin of the machine? Ie if i were to get a UK Wipeout for my U.S PSP would i need a U.K or U.S download pack? And where would i get the U.S downloads from? Sorry for the noob questions, thanks in advance
  20. Am i the only person here who didn't actually think Peep Show series 2 was as funny as the first series then? Still brilliant mind you... and that American girl!!
  21. Would have to be Alice In Chains for me. I had tickets to see them play a rare gig in UK in '93 but they pulled out cos of Layne Staley's 'Health issues' Never got the chance again.. Anyone who's said Nirvana and haven't heard any AIC i recommend having a listen to their '92 album 'Dirt'.. defining album of the Seattle scene for me
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