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  1. Am i the only person here who didn't actually think Peep Show series 2 was as funny as the first series then? Still brilliant mind you... and that American girl!!
  2. Would have to be Alice In Chains for me. I had tickets to see them play a rare gig in UK in '93 but they pulled out cos of Layne Staley's 'Health issues' Never got the chance again.. Anyone who's said Nirvana and haven't heard any AIC i recommend having a listen to their '92 album 'Dirt'.. defining album of the Seattle scene for me
  3. Best thread EVER! (says me after 4 posts) Some of these guys are legends in my own mind, let's not forget Michael Ironside and Lance Henrikkson Paul Giamatti is a fantastic actor, if anybody hasn't seen Sideways do it now.. it's £7.99 in Sainsburys and the best film of the last five years imo
  4. Visual gags on an internet forum, Beertiger? Outrageous! Thank you for introducing me to yet another gaming forum, where i can indulge my fanboy-isms with like minded nerds. PrEvo rulez, Fifa suckz! And no, that wasn't me featured on a FIFA promo video enthusiastically stating 'It's In The Game' with the promise of free beer and lasagne as my recompense for selling my soul... :s
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