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  1. Long shot, but anyone have Darius Cozmic Collection (Arcade) to try? It’s on the ‘May not play nice’ list, which is a shame as it’s one of my fave shmups on the PS4.
  2. I remember all this stuff well. Worked at EB Stevenage between 97, through the Game days until about 2004. Those first couple of years in particular were great. Still have some of the funnier made up loyalty card names/addresses printed off on receipt rolls somewhere. Taking home some awesome standees was a great perk too, as well as winding up the shopping centre security nobbers over the radio, not to mention the pre-owned Sku swapping free for all that went on. Newly released game on a 7603? Don’t mind if I do
  3. I saw a scalper chancing his are with 4 PS5 preorders on my local Facebook marketplace at £600 a piece, so am currently enjoying leading him up the garden path before telling him where he can stick it. Childish maybe, but we all have to entertain ourselves one way or another during lockdown, right.
  4. Playing this again, I remembered how I could never get the hang of drifting in this game. When I drift, the CPU even when drifting always seem to magically gain on me. What’s the secret to it?
  5. Xbox - Oh Mutants Add me to prop up your leaderboards
  6. Cheers all. As I say, it’s something positive to focus on so I appreciate it
  7. To try to keep myself busy, and for a positive mental health distraction, I set up a retro gaming Instagram page which I’m going to try to add a post a day to. I’d be really grateful if people would consider giving it a follow, it’s gavsretrogames. Just pics for now but will be doing some little vids and what have you going forwards. Anyone else have a retro Instagram page - would love to follow some fellow Mukkers.
  8. Pissed myself at 12 years old in a rammed seaside arcade because I was on the last level of Golden Axe.
  9. Hope you can sign in and use PS4 games from multiple region accounts as you can on PS4, as I have quite a few games bought from US and Canadian accounts.
  10. Got burned on Dangerous Driving by people gushing about an objectively poor game. Will definitely give this one a try before I put the money down.
  11. Think I sold you one of those Cottons for £28 back in the day Will give you your money back plus interest for it now
  12. It’s not £150 better. Particularly when you can everything in HD through Dolphin too.
  13. I sold mine a couple of weeks ago for £150. Madness, considering I can play my GC games on my Wii or modded Wii U.
  14. Pen Pen Tricelon was bloody great. I’d take a sequel.
  15. It was designed for the wheel. If you rolled the analogue stick almost like a wheel it was far better, but still far from ideal.
  16. Gotten back into my first love, the Mega Drive. Picked up about a dozen or so Japanese games so far and enjoyed going through this thread. If anyone is looking to sell any of their Japanese games, please give me a shout
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