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  1. A modded Wii U is an amazing thing. Basically all of Nintendo’s best games from NES all the way through to Wii U on one machine.
  2. Battle Garegga - Xbox One A ridiculously comprehensive port by emulation masters M2, which really helps the game shine and has elevated it into absolute top tier shmup territory for me. 9 power ups out of 10.
  3. Is there a decent website to browse the latest games to go on sale? Eshop itself is a little slow.
  4. Where did people oredr from to get it in under a week and with import tax pe-paid? Play-Asia or Amazon.jp?
  5. When do sales go up on the eshop? Big sales aside, do they have a weekly schedule?
  6. Pretty much any recent sports game, including the headline modes for Fifa and Pro Evo.
  7. Animal Crossing. Strikes me as the digital equivalent of middle aged men playing with Sylvanian Families.
  8. Anyone know what resolution this runs on Switch vs PS4 Pro? Will probably grab the Switch version but tempted by PS4 if it runs at 4k.
  9. And Mike is also one of the bad guys in Under Siege 2.
  10. Yes! Love Baby Chaos. I’m in this vid too
  11. I do indeed, but haven’t redeemed as would prefer a physical copy as I’ve never really played an Animal Crossing before.
  12. Not sure, but if you’d like to swap your physical edition for an eshop code let me know
  13. Anyone fancy trading a physical copy for a digital?
  14. Parasite Went into this one blind, despite all the hype. Not what I was expecting at all. Brilliant. 5/5.
  15. Anyone go the Strokes gig at the Roundhouse last night? Decent gig, but the sound mix sounded a little off. Some guy in front of me tried jumping head first off the balcony to kill himself but luckily a couple of girls in front of me managed to grab him and I was able to pull him back up by his ankles. 7/10.
  16. 01- Baby Chaos - Skulls Skulls Skulls Show Me The Glory 02 - Chris Cornell - Higher Truth 03 - Dead Pop Club - Home Rage 04 - Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral 05 - Faith No More - Sol Invictus 06 - Screaming Trees - The Last Words 07 - Gogol Bordello - Trans Continental Hustle 08 - Dinosaur Pile Up - Nature Nurture 09 - Mike Patton - Mondo Cane 10 - Tomahawk - Oddfellows 11 - Soundgarden - King Animal 12 - Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
  17. Thanks! Are the Picodrive and Genesis Plus included already in the new update, or do I have to download them? Reason I ask is I the games with sound issues and 32X games I add and change to use picodrive core just hang on startup with some Project Lunar special game message. I only really want to use Lunar on the MD Mini as I have retroarch etc on my Shield and would prefer not to get a USB stick if it can be avoided. Cheers.
  18. Excellent! How do you mean edit the game title with [32X]? Could you explain that a little more please? Also, is there any way to add multiple box art regions when adding games so when wet to Japanese it shows the Japanese box art, US the Genesis art etc?
  19. How is the expansion pass for this? Worth picking up?
  20. First one is a fun, but basic coin gobbler. The chunky sprites impressed for the time, but it’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. I still bought it though. Worth a couple of quid but no more. Never played the sequel, but seems a different type of game.
  21. Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure. Edit - should've checked the first page
  22. They take the crunch culture to the next level - my gf was quite senior there and the design staff are expected to work 18 hour days, without breaks, for weeks leading up to runway shows. The attitude within the company is this is expected and you don’t question it if you want to work for a big fashion brand - they take advantage of a lot of youngsters who want to get into the industry as a result. Gucci, for example, are a far better company to work for and don’t take the piss like Burberry do. Also the creative director is a POS who happily parks his tank in disabled bays as the fines are small change to him.
  23. Off topic, but my girlfriend used to work for Burberry. Absolutely shocking company when it comes to ethics and crunch culture.
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