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  1. My times from Circuit Experience and qualifying for Sport mode races aren’t registering. I’d be extra diligent in saving the progress often lest the servers go down and you’d lose those hard earned golds.
  2. Hydrocity and Marble Garden zones themes will forever bring fond memories and murder me with nostalgia.
  3. The Titalfall situation will change just like the Mass Effect one did. Once EA sees the millions of PS4's churning along, they will happily press the discs to make a buck.
  4. Quite amazing really. You'd think they would be prepared for spikes in traffic.
  5. Add me up! I'm in the States so it could work for you guys to come around my hamlet for stores and other things.
  6. Well done by Webber. Disappointed that Senna isn't growing into even a decent, consistent driver though.
  7. Add me up for fun and races! I'm in love with this game.
  8. They be coming to San Antonio TX on June 12th, tickets purchased
  10. I made an arrangement of this song in Garaband some time ago, trying to learn the program Solitary Flight! http://norante.net/stuff/rType.mp3 I know it's rubbish, but I've no musical talent.
  11. Nakajima and Piquet could benefit from AUTO PILOT ENGAGED..... DISENGAGING.
  12. Isn't it? It's like FZero, once you complete the lap, full boost Amazing scenes, haven't been this happy about a race in ages.
  13. PiquetLOL Says brakes were cold.
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