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  1. 8 minutes ago, GameplayJenny said:

    It looks like I will be going to Chester tomorrow after all. Is anyone going to be there? Whether I go or not is dependent on whether I'm meeting up with anybody and I'm not sure the friend who keeps insisting I go is going to make it himself as he's gone out on a razz with a load of people he met today!


    Just got back from there a while ago.


    Probably not worth going if you are travelling far. Lots of people had connection issues and other than a few extra pokestops, Niantic haven't really done anything extra for the event.


    It's good if you are happy to use a few lucky eggs and grind out lots of xp otherwise pointless.

  2. 55 minutes ago, John0 said:

    Mr Mime spawning all over London this morning apparently. Not sure if this applies for the whole of Britain/Europe or not.


    Managed to catch one quickly before I hopped on a train that takes me out of London.

    Caught one by my house in Birmingham this morning. Seems to be spawning at the same place as i've seen it twice more already.

  3. A trinitron was the holy grail for me. Could never afford one at the time.

    I always wanted one of the portable widescreen models. A friend of mine at the time had one


    i've got the widescreen one! :) was hankering after one since seeing them in CEX 15 years ago and finally managed to track one down on ebay in 2010.

  4. "Escalation in spending power" they said.

    "Could sign a Wayne Rooney" they said.

    Jefferson Montero for £3mill, stolen away from Cardiff. Fuck me.

    you're getting ahead of yourself a bit there, we haven't actually signed him yet. plenty of time to cock this transfer up as well.

  5. I didn't watch the match, but it's perfectly feasible that it was the presence and movement of Walcott which made so much space for Podolski and Cazorla to take their goals, and if not for him those chances wouldn't have been there. It's not as important whether he himself scores or misses a sitter if the team is getting more chances for him being there.

    That sounded quite good in my head but now I've written it down it sounds a bit like the Emile Heskey Defence

    i watched the match and fox has summed up the entirety of his contribution for the night. the midfielders were given acres of space by the awful reading defence and most of the goals came from crosses from the wing.

  6. There's an article on the Guardian already about how Theo is the striker to solve all our woes. Based solely on him fackin runnin abaht a bit, missing one sitter and scoring another, versus the worst defence in the league. Amazing.

    same in the bbc report! the way they've written the report you would think that walcott was man of the match when he didn't actually do much!

  7. Is no-one else thinking about what players might be signed in January!

    it will probably be zaha. or some random 3 year old from timbuktu. somebody with potential!

  8. Like a few people here, I had a number of 8-bit computers (Spectrums for me) before I got my first PC. However, I got a PC when all the hipper kids were buying Amigas and Atari STs, so I have everyone so far beaten for spec pauperism (seriously? 486s? LUXURY!)

    Feast your eyes...


    An Amstrad with:

    • 8 MHz 8086 processor (I could have had a 80286 at 12 MHz if I'd settled for a CGA graphics card)
    • EGA graphics (640×350 resolution, 64 colours)
    • 640 KB RAM
    • 3.5" floppy disk
    • 30 MB "hard card" hard disk (the motherboard had no IDE controllers, so this was a hard drive and a controller integrated onto a single 8 MHz 8-bit ISA bus. Not so many years layer, I would deem ISA to be unfit to house even my sound card, let alone my system's hard drive!)
    • MS-DOS v3.3 (and Windows 2.1, but I quickly uninstalled that)
    • No sound card, just PC speaker burps and bloops
    • 14" monitor

    It probably sucked balls, in hindsight, but I was ecstatic at the time. I got it for Christmas and discovered my father had made it print "MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVE FROM MUM AND DAD" every time it booted. I demanded this lameness be removed immediately, and he passed me a DOS manual and told me to do it myself... I had figured out config.sys and autoexec.bat before lunch.

    My Amiga owning friends thought it was pitiful and hilarious. For some reason, I stuck with PCs, and they stuck with mocking me, until the fateful day I installed Doom on my 486... the rest was history.

    wow...me and my brother had one of those as well! it wasn't that bad, played quite a few decent dos games including Monkey Island 1.

  9. simple solution...get rid of kroenke (has any american owner done anything positive with a uk football club??)...usmanov in, hire guardiola as manager and give him stupid amounts of money to buy whoever he wants.

    if we want to win significant trophies, this so called sustainable model will not help us. we can't compete for the top, top players as we can't pay their transfer fees and wages. the only clubs going for the best players now are the ones with sugar daddies, and not just in the uk. if we don't get one soon we are going to be left further behind.

  10. fans are weird...instead of making crappy leaflets with points that the club don't bother about, they should vote with their wallets. stay away from the ground, get rid of your sky subscription and things will begin to change...hopefully

  11. He's on four assists so far this season. He strikes me as an intelligent footballer, some of his passing is excellent and his ability to read play - getting on the end of Cazorla's ball against West Ham for instance - is top drawer. I really hope he comes good for us.

    He must be the best footballer to never get an international call up.

    i don't think you're allowed to mention a 'footballer's brain' in this thread! :wacko:

  12. Trsut everyone has seen Lewis' tweets about Jenson unfollowing him this morning, and then promptly back-tracking when he realised he had never followed him in the first place facepalm.gif

    Lewis really is a massive child at times. You'd at least think he would check his facts before having a bitch about his current team mate in public. Who cares if he follows you on Twitter or not anyway?!

    this is why i absolutely detest hamilton. fantastic driver but he comes across as a right childish arsehole at times.

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