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    hmmmm....if he takes over using debt then we'll end up in the same shit as liverpool and man u, if he does an abramovich and uses his own money then we could be in the situation of no champions league from 2012 due to platini's stupid rules. hopefully things will stay as they are with arsenal...
  2. arokib666


    what do people think about the situation at man united?? i've been reading about it the last couple of days and they are in the shit good and proper. if they fail to qualify for the champions league they are fucked....a bit like liverpool will be over the next few seasons. if stan kroenke of that fat russian take over will we be in the same situation???
  3. he's gonna beat the hell out of mayweather if he fights like this!
  4. needs to be print quality. also i will be doing lots of close up shots. having researched and looked around the web, im thinking about the canon eos450d but the lenses seem very expensive!!
  5. what camera would you guys recommend for product and food photography?? my budget is about £500
  6. One Missed Call was creepy as hell even though you could see the scary bits coming from a mile off
  7. when i lived in japan in 2001 i played pop n music 7 and 8 (when that came out) religiously almost every night. me and my friends used to spend a stupid amount of money playing 2 player games. and when we ran out of money we used to watch the psycho japanese kids playing it at riduculously fast speeds. now that was quite a sight to behold. an excellent game and such a pity it wasn't released properly in the uk
  8. do any of these orders get fulfilled??? or is it just to "show" them getting orders for the sake of tv?
  9. actually there is a DS3 version, the DS3 functionality was added as soon as sony sent a few DS3 pads through. not sure if they used this version for the japan release. personally i think the game plays better without the rumble feature, the guys testing the 360 version used to always complain at the end of the day as the hands used to cramp up and feel weird due to the 360 rumble.
  10. nope, was gonna be a totally new game!
  11. yup thats what was being planned, daytona was meant to have been started at the start of this year and they were gonna concentrate heavily on it being online multiplayer focussed.
  12. don't really know about that. even though the programmers sat in front of us in the studio, they weren't the most chatty people in the world....actually thinking about it, most the people in the studio were sullen, moody and uncommunicative.
  13. from someone who works at SRS....its probably true as well, as most people would have downloaded a copy of it. i can remember when the PSP version had been approved by sony and a few weeks before the game was to launch, we found downloadable torrents of the full game on the internet. i doubt that version would have sold many either.
  14. bloody hell, you don't know how accurate that statement is! apparently the PC version of the game sold a massive 420 copies worldwide and the 360/PS3 figures weren't very good either. and they were about to churn out fast & the furious 4 and a sega mario kart type game....
  15. right just got a situation report from one of the guys i used to do QA with as he's working QA on the arcade version of the game. basically the whole studio was told yesterday that the studio wass being closed down and were told to bugger off home and not come back at the end of the day! theres now 24 hour security outside the office so that nobody can get back in. a few staff have been left (mainly QA, couple of artists/programmers) to see out the arcade version of the game and then on the 30th of this month SRS will be no more. apparently codemasters started ringing up staff an hour after they were told about the closure to headhunt people! bloody vultures!
  16. fuckin hell!!! i'm genuinely shocked by this!! i worked as QA on Sega Rally at the Racing Studio last year and from what i know of what was being planned for the future, closure was the last thing that i (or anyone at the studio) thought would happen. damn....looks like no 40 player online daytona for you guys then.....
  17. arokib666


    the biggest compliment for senderos is that we haven't really missed kolo whilst he's been injured. and diaby will be a really good player as soon as he learns to figure out when to pass the bloody ball! he's frustrating to watch at times as he seems to hold on to the ball forever whilst players make runs past him.
  18. arokib666


    I've always thought he was a pretty decent player and just needed a run in the team (in a position other than left back!!) but i never thought he would be this good. he's been fantastic the whole season and completely overshadowed Gatusso yesterday. I'd hate to imagine how we'd be next season if he were to leave at the end of this season...
  19. arokib666


    WHAT A RESULT!! Fabregas/Flamini were outstanding but Man of the Match was Senderos!!!! Kept Pato and Kaka in his pocket all night!!!!! I have a feeling we're gonna be playing Man U next round...
  20. damn missed it tonight who won??
  21. arokib666

    Put Here

    wow....really nice, especially the first one! the dentistry one is just asking to be "Alien-ised" with the e4 popping out the guys stomach....maybe set against a clean white spaceship backdrop....
  22. They don't make games there, thats done at EA in Guildford apparently. The Chertsey office was for marketing and QA. I had an interview there last month for a job as a Games Tester which I got but didn't accept and I'm so glad I didn't take it as I would have had to relocate to Surrey...plus the fact that it seemed to be full of pompous, arrogant wankers.
  23. arokib666


    for people who wanna watch this game and don't have sky sports, channel 198 on sky digital seems to be showing it
  24. nope! this was done when i got it on the n64 and played it non stop for 6 months! i'll be downloading it today to see if im still as good.....
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