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  1. So this has improved dramatically since I tried it just after launch. The setting really intrigued me, but the slow pace and unfinished feel meant I dropped it initially after 4 or 5 hours. After picking it up again on Sunday and starting over it's clear that they have been putting a lot of work into this. The opening is far more streamlined, the combat feels better, guns and ammo are more plentiful. It's the game I hoped it would be when I picked it up. In fact after 10 hours or so, I haven't had this much fun with a game in ages. It's the Swedish Stranger Things does Far Cry game with mechs I always wanted.
  2. I can't unsee all the fake snow in this.
  3. Fury looks in great shape, but I still think Wilder puts him down with no Jesus like resurrection this time. Calling a round 8 KO.
  4. Haaland is an absolute worldie.
  5. Cross saves with PC?? Insane...
  6. So Mané or Giggs then eh?
  7. Ruined the game for me. Utter wank those bits.
  8. Through the wind, through the rain...
  9. Jeez, I'd just buy an xbox one then. At least that's got like 3 exclusives.
  10. The setting, storytelling and atmosphere are absolutely top drawer, but the game mechanics were not intuitive to me at all and felt quite clunky. Using fire to keep the rats away worked but the dumb as shit guards and bosses sucked a lot of the fun out.
  11. Absolutely. I played through both 1 and 2 90% solo.
  12. Dead pool's are fucking gross anyway.
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