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  1. Are you playing it Rob? It's a strange comparison for sure, but I'm glad @Kevvy Metal picked up on it too because to me it's quite apparent in the general structure and flow of the game. Definitely in the sidequests!
  2. Had loads of fun on it yesterday with my 5 year old. Did two dungeons. He ninja'd all the arrows and we both had a blast.
  3. The Mafia 3 dlc is great. Just near the end of Sign of the Times and it's got a very unique southern horror vibe. The atmosphere of the open world still blows me away. A thunderstorm booming whilst I power slide through the bayou with Fortunate Son blaring is such a good time.
  4. If you are using good gear against appropriate levels, most ordinary baddies drop with one satisfyingly splatty headshot from a bolt action. Sure, boss encounters do magically become bullet sponges, but they are not the significant proportion of the game. I just like the feel of the game. It's incredibly smooth and responsive, and the gun sounds, recoil and accuracy all just feel right. It's a very satisfying shooting experience imo.
  5. It's amazing and I love it. It can get a little repetitive, but I struggle to think of a game that does shooting the computer people better.
  6. One game, 7 kills. Pretty sure they were all bots. Two I saw went behind cover, only to seemingly vanish and spawn elsewhere for someone with less frags to shoot. What a shitshow.
  7. @papalazarou yes, mine is the same! Appreciate it if you could check regarding any filters though.
  8. How old is your son? My 5 year old found a trailer for this on youtube and went mental for it, but my gut is that it's just a little too gory. Can you filter blood colour in the options?
  9. I'm useless at pubg but how in the hell can people see bots as a positive? They completely break the game and are literally of no benefit. Adding them to full fat pubg is mind-blowing.
  10. So this is out on Friday and looks strangely compelling. Anyone else got an eye out for it? It's only £22 on CDkeys or £25 on EGS if you use the sale voucher.
  11. Oops. Well they're essentially the same game anyway
  12. Well Ubisoft being Ubisoft I'm not entirely sure what dlc comes with it, but it's the deluxe edition here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/assassins-creed-origins-deluxe-edition-474-with-coupon-3464147
  13. AC Odyssey with all dlc is only £4.74 if you use the voucher you get for grabbing GTA.
  14. When people say shit about Owen, is it just old Man United rivalry salt or did he do something genuinely hate worthy?
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