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  1. Totally agree with your view on Skinamarink. Waste of time. It's movie student project stuff. No idea why there is a buzz around it tbh.
  2. This game needs more love. It's so fucking fun. I've moved up the difficulty but on Ng+ so I still have all the fun tools so really it doesn't feel that much more difficult. Gameplay wise, it feels like a game made by People Can Fly, but the combat is ramped right up to 11. Shit gets crazy later in the game. Must be the poor console performance putting people off. No issues on pc though.
  3. I'm a 1440p kinda guy. Still looking forward to giving it a go and I'm a sucker for a good bit of fiddling and optimisation anyway.
  4. This will kick the shit out of my 3070 I think
  5. Been a while since a game has kept my attention most of the day. The Eurogamer review sums up my thoughts pretty well. It just knows what it wants to be and achieves it dead on. Constantly throwing new enemies, tactics, and ways to deal with them. I'm kinda fanboying over it. It's a game I can see myself replaying on harder difficulties for sure.
  6. I had 3 days off so I bought it. Really enjoying it so far. It reminds me of Bulletstorm. Just big dumb fun.
  7. Next gen upgrade footage stream at 5pm today.
  8. I'm just really enjoying playing through the main game in tpp at the moment. It brings new life to the game and feels more classic RE.
  9. The Aya may not outperform the deck, but running native windows, having an oled screen and being about 7.2 times better looking still makes it a good option depending on what you intend to be playing on it.
  10. This is the first time I've been away for a few days since decking up and oh boy. My wife hates me though cos she's all like shall we watch that movie and I'm diving into a trailer of dead pigs like nope.
  11. I still loose my shit thinking about the final boss in Arc: Twilight of the Spirits.
  12. Massive difficulty spikes in last bosses can get in the fucking sea. Sure, make it epic and full of set pieces, hell, give them a suprise second form but massively upping the challenge right at the end is like making the best roast dinner ever and then pouring shitty packet gravy over it.
  13. @Qazimod Yeah I was pretty confident I didn't even need to give the name there.
  14. BioWare, massive Destiny style shooter with mechs. What could possibly....
  15. Platinum Games, Square Enix. What could possibly go wrong.
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