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  1. Right, I've sacked this game off. I think I've finished all the mainline AC games other than this, but this one I put off at the time thanks to it being a bit broken, but over the years I've read people say it's actually a decent game technical issues aside and at some point I was given the PC version for free so... It's fucking not alright, it's utter shit. Just a complete soul destroying trudge. I hate played it all the way up to chapter 10 just mainlining the story, but then of course this started leaving me under powered so I had a choice. Keep playing this soulless
  2. Gone now. @Ry please don't drink heavily around this one bud.
  3. Have you played any of the DLC? Handsome Jack's casino heist and the Cthulhu one (Guns, Love, and Tentacles?) are great fun.
  4. Yeah CP2077 is fine with a decent PC and will only get better. I'm playing AC: Unity at the moment for the first time on PC and even after 6 years it's in a MUCH worse state than PC Cyberpunk was at launch.
  5. 79% cos no one has said it yet. What is the prize? Edit: bugger... 65% then.
  6. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn't that bad these days if you like shooting people.
  7. Hades is the latest entry in a very long line of well regarded roguelikes...
  8. Resident Evil 5 takes everything people loved about 4 and adds co-op and racism.
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