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  1. Yeah today's wordle was a quick one. Didn't even finish my shit.
  2. Yeah, I had a good time with this in the summer and saw it through to the end. The story and writing is 5/10 but the gameplay, atmosphere and sense of dread is an easy 8. Dare I predict gamepass soon?
  3. Err how do you turn the dldsrs off? I switched it on to try and see no difference at all in Days Gone and Witcher 3. There doesn't seem to be an off option though, just a list of resolutions.
  4. New driver is out with the fancy new DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) support.
  5. I am loving this. A weekly highlight for sure. I really hope it knows where it's going cos it has kept me guessing for all eight episodes so far. Cracking performances from the main cast too - kids and adults. Great TV.
  6. I can't choose one. I'm completely torn between that first week discovering Azeroth in WoW, that heart-pounding first PUBG win or City 17 slowly coming into focus in Half Life Alyx. Considering that near 16 years hasn't dulled its impact though, I guess it's probably WoW.
  7. The Last of Us The Witcher 3 Returnal The Division PUBG If I could only play 5 games for the rest of my life it'd be those, but I'd miss the heck out of A Link to the Past, SMW, FFXII, Resident Evil and Alan Wake.
  8. I'll edit this with words when I have more time but here is a list. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Returnal A2. Death's Door A3. NieR Replicant A4. Gunfire Reborn A5. RE: Village Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Half Life Alyx B2. PUBG: Battlegrounds B3. Destiny 2 Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Tales of Arise Z2. New World Z3. Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Design of the Year S1. Returnal S2. Guardians of the Galaxy S3. RE: Village Visual Design of the Year V1. Returnal V2. Death's Door V3. Guardians of the Galaxy Writing of the Year W1. Guardians of the Galaxy W2. NieR Replicant W3. Returnal Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Housemarque
  9. We sat through this. It was alright. Netflix auto played Jimmy Carr straight after and that? Jesus fucking Christ who laughs at that?
  10. Dare I say I enjoyed this here? I was genuinely nervous after reading the general negative feedback in this thread. I adore the Matrix universe so really didn't want to be let down. Thankfully I wasn't. Nothing will ever come close to the first film, but I think I'd put 4 above 3 and possibly even 2. I'm a right soppy git though and love a love story.
  11. Don't look up is the Christmas movie we all need right now. I'm gonna say a prayer for dope stuff.
  12. Assist, goal, red card should be a Scottish hat trick.
  13. Louis CK should have become a Tory MP. This shit would have been brushed under the carpet months ago.
  14. Anyone else back in Amalur for Fatesworn? I've been playing it most of the day and liking it a lot. Seems a fairly decent amount of extra content and the new area is all nice and snowy. Smashy smashy loot loot.
  15. I liked Antlers a lot. A slow burn creature feature beautifully shot in the Oregon mountains? Sign me the fuck up.
  16. Ahh fucksticks. I've just died for the first time in ages, and apparently it hadn't been autosaving cos it put me back to where I was when I started playing 3 hours ago. I was loving the game, but fuck man.
  17. I couldn't finish Silent Night. It's not due to how seriously self obsessed and awful all the adults are - I was enjoying the movie and premise despite that - but towards the end the inquisitive kid reminded me so much of my own that it just broke me a bit. I'll try and finish it when I'm in a better headspace because it's decent, interesting and well made but as a parent currently very low in self esteem and on antidepressants? Damn man...
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