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  1. My kid is nearly 7 and plays all the big popular kids games. Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite (usually with me - I hate the game, but it's good father son time). I've never tried to influence his gaming at all, although I think Roblox is fucking awful for reasons too long to list here. He wouldn't understand them anyway and nor would it be fair to expect him to. I try to keep an eye on his Roblox time though, cos just like YouTube, there's some dark stuff to be stumbled upon there. He does enjoy classic Mario and Sonic, but he just wants to play what is talked about in the playground, just how I wanted to play Double Dragon and Golden Axe over pong and breakout. Minecraft is amazing though, despite being made by a nob. A fantastic tool for kids.
  2. I've just picked up Tales of Arise and Life is Strange 3, have New World at the end of this month and Far Cry 6 will be on the Xmas list I guess.
  3. Malignant is The Matrix of horror movies. It's fucking wild. What a ride. That scene ... Man. Loved it.
  4. Can't say I've really noticed the NPC pop in yet. Going to play for a bit now and look out for it.
  5. It's like Leicester winning the prem all over again but even more unbelievable. It still hasn't sunk in for me. God knows how Emma is feeling. What a star.
  6. Is anywhere streaming Malignant or is this a to the high seas job?
  7. Loot. Ever since experiencing that rush when a Heartseeker Dagger dropped for my Rogue in Vanilla WoW I was hooked. Any RNG loot system is like crack to me. Borderlands was gaming nirvana. Random loot and an open world shooter? Sign me the fuck up. I consumed that game like a junkie out of rehab. I just love the thrill of the random find. From dropping into PUBG and finding an M4 and K9 in the first house, to getting kitted out with Epic boons in Hades to getting a Pylon Driver early into a Returnal run. Probably says a lot about me and my endorphin chasing nature, but give me all the purples and oranges and epic drops pls.
  8. I'm only two hours in but really enjoying it. The characters and plot set up has me interested and the combat is the usual Tails combo chaining affair. PC performance is decent. Good stuff.
  9. Shoot to Kill? [edit] D'oh should have finished reading the post first! I'll try Hunter's Blood instead. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093232/
  10. There was a recent article in Edge, and also this from Eurogamer. the rest of my vitriol comes from having to watch my 6yo play it and repeatedly having to explain how spending £5 on Robux to buy a skin for one of the million games on the platform is not a good use of money. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-08-20-roblox-exploiting-young-game-developers-new-investigation-reports
  11. Firstly, it's a con. An awful toolkit that rips off a creator's time and efforts with obscenely large profit margins. The games seem to be 90% cheap donkey chasing carrot affairs with only a basic semblance of gameplay and are full of overpriced pay to win transactions. Any truly decent idea gets washed away in days with a hundred poor copies. There's no moderation and you will see racist/sexist usernames daily. It's awash with dodgy content. I mean, there's horror games on there with no warning or restrictions. I have to watch my kid play it which is not fun. It's the videogame equivalent of YouTube. Completely mindless and vapid with zero quality control.
  12. There's just not much out there for horror fans like Alan Wake. Just a good old fashioned small town horror story turned into a very well made action game. It's a belter imo. I've played it through 5 times and will do again. hell, I even have the novel.
  13. I hate Fortnite. I hate it for blatantly stealing a concept and kidifying it. I hate it for it's cynical monetisation and undeserved place in the zeitgeist. I hate how it looks, how it plays. Everything. Not a game, but when the start button skips a cut scene instead of pausing it. Grraaah...
  14. Far Cry 3. free. On PC. https://store.ubi.com/uk/far-cry--3/56c4947a88a7e300458b45de.html
  15. Yep, the demo really whetted my appetite for this. I've got a feeling it's going to be a good un.
  16. Looks like a collection of all five games is coming to PC in December.
  17. I was thinking the other day that if they remade The Running Man it'd just be normal.
  18. I very rarely focus on achievements or trophies, but if I notice that a game I am really enjoying has an attainable 100% I will go for it as an excuse to keep playing (recent case in point: Returnal). I am a nostalgic fool though and do like to look back on trophies as markers for significant periods of my life. Like, what game was I playing when such and such happened. Does anyone else do that? Am I wierd?
  19. Fuck buying Skyrim again. Elder Scrolls is in the wrong damned hands. 10 years and a shit mobile game and mmo. Thanks Todd.
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