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  1. I can't shake the feeling that Wilder's going to come out swinging and catch Fury early. Hope I'm wrong. Fury has become a lot more likeable recently the big fridge on legs.
  2. Damn, despite ribbing the game for being the most Ubisoft thing ever, I'm having a great time with this. It's just fun. Too much doggo shooting though
  3. I swear all ubi games are just morphing into the same game. This is reminding me of the recent Ghost Recons and Assassin's Creed games as much as it is Far Cry. It's also very reminiscent of Just Cause 3. Fun? Yes. Original? No.
  4. I've just done Ubisoft+ for a month to play this, along with the AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion dlc for £12. Seems decent value for money. PC version seems to run well enough, and with none of the microstutters Far Cry 5 had at launch. The AMD dlss thingy is awful and makes the game look like you are watching it through a dirty shop window, but native 1440p with a mix of settings nets 100+ FPS. Popping heads feels decent even with starter guns and the island is stunning. Let's go.
  5. I see more of that in this game than any other. I guess because of how busy the game is, the respawn timers around main missions are set to barely existing so you stand still for a second and three mobs spawn. People just give up trying to fight multiple mobs and end up dragging Benny Hill like trains of enemies around the zone.
  6. I've just locked the game at 60fps and am running with loads of GPU headroom. 45-55% utilisation and temps in the 50's. More frames would be nice, but heck I played WoW for 6 months at 14fps.
  7. I just like fishing and resource gathering as the sun sets. The game is chill as fuck. Toasting marshmallows over my GPU just adds to the atmosphere.
  8. Loved the shit out of this. It was paced brilliantly, well written and the cast was amazing. Yeah the monologues were a bit cringe though.
  9. It started out as a survival PVP game and that DNA is still there. The crafting is a lot better than most MMO's and tbh, as Shark says, the SP questing is quite dull, so imo it's best played as a survival game. Spend time farming, learn to cook, craft and buy housing to decorate etc and there's a lot here to enjoy - particularly if you get into the PVP side of things, which I spent most of yesterday doing.
  10. It's been a long day but these rocks look upside down.
  11. Yeah if you log out now you aint getting back on till 11pm-ish. Loads of people here are just auto-running into walls to not time out.
  12. Oh snap. Marauder too. I got straight on after the school run this morning, but just got back from an interview and the queue is already 600
  13. I've a very dapper lvl 17 rapier and musket guy on Una-bara called Johnny Utah.
  14. Well I'm going to be Mr negative pants then. I'm not a fan. Rubber banding is a nightmare on normal and easy mode is insultingly easy. There needs to be an in-between. Tracks look nice but feel boring so far. It's alright I guess, but no Hot Pursuit.
  15. There's a fair amount to do solo. I pretty much got to level 40 solo during the beta, bar a couple of story missions that require 5 man dungeon runs. Apparently each server has a 2000 player capacity and despite rolling a low pop one at the time, the queue at 8pm last night was 2,800 and not moving. Estimated wait time 5 hours. Why did they let so many sign up for servers with such low capacity? Doubt I'll be playing much in the short term due to this.
  16. The queue times are crazy. Evening play is practically impossible atm.
  17. My wife bought it for me Played about three hours today but put about 50 into the beta. I'm focusing a lot more on the crafting now as it seemed a bit pointless before with the wipes. It's a decent game imo. Nothing revolutionary but it scratches the mmo itch.
  18. Hey @Welrain is it a V1? I could be interested if so.
  19. My kid is nearly 7 and plays all the big popular kids games. Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite (usually with me - I hate the game, but it's good father son time). I've never tried to influence his gaming at all, although I think Roblox is fucking awful for reasons too long to list here. He wouldn't understand them anyway and nor would it be fair to expect him to. I try to keep an eye on his Roblox time though, cos just like YouTube, there's some dark stuff to be stumbled upon there. He does enjoy classic Mario and Sonic, but he just wants to play what is talked about in the playground, just how I wanted to play Double Dragon and Golden Axe over pong and breakout. Minecraft is amazing though, despite being made by a nob. A fantastic tool for kids.
  20. I've just picked up Tales of Arise and Life is Strange 3, have New World at the end of this month and Far Cry 6 will be on the Xmas list I guess.
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