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  1. GTR 400 is worth playing, as the review says the graphics are really impressive and the semi-arcade style handling is really fun. The races are easy to breeze through and it's just a fun time. The only reason you can tell it's a budget title is there's only one basic car model in the whole game I believe, with a lot of palette swaps. The menus are also quite sparse. Once you get into the driving though, it's great. The same publisher and developer did another game with the same engine (and probably the same tracks) but with souped up saloon cars. However the handling on that one wasn't nearly as fun.
  2. I just gave the MC2SIO a try. Very glitchy. Hardly anything worked. You're much better off with SMB, which has very few issues these days other than being initially complicated to set up.
  3. You may have looked at the back of the Search and Destroy box and due to the similar game title assumed it was a landscape rotator. https://www.ethanproductions.com/videogames-newDB/images/8717249597681-back.jpg
  4. I would look through a list of PAL exclusive games: https://l-lists.com/en/lists/wo9z8c.html Could it be... Search & Destroy? No sprite rotation here, but then again you only saw a box screenshot. https://youtu.be/Toia5s1E81o
  5. Nokia n-gage Not only was it shit, if you tried to make a phone call it made you look like a dick as well. This must be the winner.
  6. WinUAE is really worth trying under these circumstances. It really is a top notch emulator. (in response to salsa party animal)
  7. I would. Its surprisingly quick to do once you get into the swing of it. I had to do the same a while back (except change email addr not passwd) and yes it's a dull evening's work. Just make a list and cross them off as you do them. Search your emails for order confirmations to build a list of all the shops you've ever used and go from there.
  8. Last thing I had from them was a PS3 around launch. So address etc all out of date and payment was paypal. Fuckers have got my DOB though. Probably already had that mind from the psn debacle.
  9. I bought a PS3 very early on thinking it would be another PS2. What a massive and expensive horror.
  10. There is a puzzle here thats a little unfair i think. There is a bombable wall not indicated by a crack or rubble in the usual way, but by a much more subtle indicator. I think in your version there might be an owl hint but in the original it was a bit of a dead end for me for a long time. I nearly gave up on it.
  11. Sorry to suggest the bleedin obvious, rather than hack up a controller for this half arsed port, how about Emulate on a pc, Set screen up however you like, and use whatever controller you like? Save state, rewind, etc? Sorry if ive missed the point here.
  12. When you're ready, back to the mountains. Be careful though. Link can fall from some ledges.
  13. You're in for a proper gaming treat. This is a near perfect game. The dx version is superior not just because of the colour, quite a few clues and puzzles have been quietly improved as well. I also highly rate oracle of ages and seasons for more of the same goodness.
  14. Oh dear. So this unit just like all the others is no good for 50Hz. Thanks for trying it out for us!
  15. I bought a passport III for my PAL N64, what a waste of time. It doesn't play the games in 60Hz, it just runs the import games at 50Hz. Its a well dodgy piece of kit as well, not at all plug-and-play. Then I bought a NTSC N64 and some games, what a waste of time. It is cheap as all you need is a base unit from the US and some carts, it will work with your UK PSU and controllers etc. But I wouldn't bother, because it turns out the majority of PAL N64 games you want to play were well PAL optimised anyway (IMO), bar a few early stinkers like wave race. Also the s-video signal from a PAL N64 is really nice and is fine for LCD/Plasma. So all this stuff you read about an NTSC N64 for RGB, 60HZ etc being vastly superior is, IMO, bollocks. So personally I would stick with your PAL unit and games. If you really want you could borrow my NTSC unit to try.
  16. Be a bit careful with these boxes. If you put 50Hz (pal) in and get 60Hz out the picture may be jerky and horrible. I can't work out if these boxes can be set to do 50hz out. Maybe his new product does.
  17. PS3 by miles and miles... I've had it nearly 3 years now, that's well enough time to decide it is a massive pile of sh**. I already think of it as a curiosity, a failed retro console.
  18. Yoshi's Story on the N64. Zelda, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons on GBC. Big fan of those games, seem to be poorly regarded though.
  19. You are correct, and it's kind of impressive that you can see that from just videos. It IS on rails. You play it for a while, thinking it seems ok if a little floaty, then you do some corners and rather than drifting gracefully round the car lurches sideways and rotates on a pivot. It is really cheap. The worst thing is when you send the car round a corner backwards. That is, you are coming up to a left, so you drift the car right and lurch round the corner anyway, the car simply rotates like it is on record player round a 270 until you're going the right way. It's utterly scripted. You can point the car in whatever direction you like and as long as the computer think you're doing a 'drift' you'll go round that corner like a slot car. Coming to this from the arcade version was a real let down. Much later I played RRT4 on a PS2 and it just rinses the N64 effort, totally. RR5 is also really good. (NTSC versions for both, obv.) Ridge Racer on the PSP, like the N64 version, is 100% scripted. Anyway aside from a really bad version of RR, N64 is a contender for my fave console of all time.
  20. Dude - my email address is in the PM I already sent! To everyone else - apologies for taking this off topic.
  21. Do you want a dreamcast wheel ddd? I have the sega one new in its box, used once. You can have it for the postage if you like.
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