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  1. I use a CRT on my Mame cab and I also noticed that the using the latest version of Mame seems to wash out the colours. Not sure why they have changed it.
  2. Have you tried adjusting the video slider settings?
  3. Good news, the flash art from AliExpress works just fine.
  4. It’s turned up today but you obviously need to put it into an empty cartridge otherwise the board won’t stay connected to the console and I’ve misplaced my game bit screw driver so I’ve had to order a new one.
  5. Fake overdrives for the GameGear are being sold on Ali-Express. I've ordered one to see what like: https://a.aliexpress.com/_BUB41h
  6. The +2A is essentially a +3 in a different case, hence the Drive M message. Sounds like you might need a new keyboard membrane or the keyboard might be disconnected... Or it might just need cleaning (the membrane that is).
  7. Do you have another TV with a Scart socket? See if it’s happening on other TV’s.
  8. Could be that the Scart socket connection inside the TV has come partly un soldered. If you move the Scart lead up & down and the picture displays briefly then chances are it’s an easy fix.
  9. If you join the UKVAC forums there are a few people around who can repair it.
  10. Join the UKVac forums if you do want a proper cab with a CRT. I picked up an empty Jamma Cab up for £50 a couple of years back, managed to buy a non working quiz machine that had a 19” CRT monitor in it for £15 and threw an old PC into the cab. It needed a lot of work to make it presentable again but I’m very happy with it now.
  11. I’m pretty happy with my Groovymame set up. I won’t make the move to FPGA until there’s a bit more supported.
  12. Chris and Mads spend two months bumping into stuff in Ys I and II on the PC Engine. We also reveal which spooky game we will be playing in October. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/Episode_233_Ys.mp3
  13. Dean and Chris get together for the first in a new series of Spectrum Next themed episodes. In this episode, they look back at the two Kickstarters and talk Spectrum Next programming with Sunteam’s Paul Weller. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/RA_Episode_233.mp3
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