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  1. First teased 2 years ago, don’t think it’s been released as yet.
  2. Tube Panic? Yes I’m clutching at straws now.
  3. Personally I love the sound effects as it reminds me of Robotron & Defender by Williams but yes, a few people have mentioned the sound effects.
  4. He’s based in Much Hadam which is near Harlow/Bishops Stortford in Essex/Hertfordshire. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/159619705991218/
  5. No worries, all feedback is welcome.
  6. Well I’d suggest, you carry on listening to the rest of the episode and see how you get on. If by the end of the episode you think nah, it’s not for me then at least you’ve given us a fair chance.
  7. Well I don’t think that any of us had our minds blown by the talk of Retro Six, just that none of us guys (other than Steve) had heard of the service before and I don’t think we really understood what Steve was trying to get across. As for sounding like your dad, how old is he? We might be a similar age
  8. Guys, there’s a guy who lives about 30 minutes away from me who sells the following set up for £330. 128GB microSD 128MB SDRAM Module for complete compatibility (checked with CPS1.5) I/O Board V6.1 (Megadrive/Snac Compatible) fully built with 40mm Quiet Brushless Fan 7 Port USB Board with Power Splitter CPU Heatsink Installed Built and updated in a stylish case Fully configured and ready to run Simple to update, just run the update_all script installed and system will stay up to date on all cores/features. Is that a good price or is it
  9. Mads, Chris, Steve & Dean team up to tackle Taito’s overlooked arcade game Zoo Keeper. Will a game that was designed to be played in short bursts in an arcade, drive them & our participating listeners mad as they play it for hours over a full month? https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/RA_250_Zookeeper.mp3
  10. Part of Funstock.co.uk
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