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  1. Well sorry if I misunderstood but you said (and have now changed) that it would be a choice between civic duty and love. Which is gross. Apologies for my misreading of your incredible and grown up narrative which you changed after I replied to it.
  2. Wtf that sounds awful. Pretty much the first time we have a gay protagonist in a mainstream video game and you want to make it so that the only way she can save the world and have a purpose is to forget all that and be straight?
  3. That's been one of my favourite moments in the game so far, my heart was genuinely racing!
  4. Totally agree, and for me as well I love thinking about the person whose flat/room/office/shop I'm scavenging. Naughty Dog have put so much effort into building people's personalities (who you don't even get to meet) through the furniture, posters on the walls, notes, etc. in every building. The world truly feels lived in and I love exploring every part of it. Like you say, every nook and cranny has something to offer.
  5. Spoiler about an encounter during day 2 (after Hillcrest):
  6. Sounds similar to my first play through a couple of years ago as well. Now I've nearly completed Kiwami 2 and looking forward to the next one, though I am enjoying taking my time. I couldn't stop playing 0 and I couldn't stop talking about it to people either. Friends, family, colleagues, etc. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut about all the bizarre sub stories, mini games and fascinating characters. None of them even like gaming and I still get asked occasionally whether I still play that crazy Japanese gangster game series and has anything else completely insane happened.
  7. Probably late to the party with this one but just turned on the Barca match and they have a virtual crowd (that looks like it's from FIFA 98!). Have other leagues been doing this as well or is it just La Liga? I watched the first round of Bundesliga matches after the restart and they didn't have it. Not sure what's weirder, this or the empty stadiums!
  8. This is weird. It's just humans giving opinions. Why does it matter where they're from?
  9. Currently sitting at 95-96 on Metacritic. Gonna make a nice pot of coffee and give some of these reviews a read!
  10. Just realised that this is the first physical copy of a game I've preordered in years. Due to financial issues (usually I just wait and buy in sales), being too busy or lack of interest I haven't bought a game on day one since Skyrim I think, and that was digital. I genuinely think the last time I've been expecting a physical copy of a game through my door on launch day was The Wind Waker! I'm so excited and feel like a kid again.
  11. That was great. I am so pumped for the 19th!
  12. I had this partially spoiled again for me the other day so I gave in and went through and read everything about it, as it seems pointless trying to avoid them now. I feel completely relieved to be honest and I'm now even more excited to play it. I'll absolutely not say anything about the leaks here but below are just some brief spoilered thoughts on the internet's reaction to them.
  13. Cool, will definitely grab this in the sale. Was actually going to buy it today so cheers for the heads up. Will keep me occupied until TLOU2!
  14. I think I got the same suggested article. Whilst I'm annoyed about the minor spoiler that was impossible to avoid, I'm relieved that's all these idiots like Trumpets were furious about.
  15. That was indeed amazing. Absolutely love this show.
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