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  1. I’m in the same boat. I wanted to check some GBA reviews today and was under the impression that I had all the Edge magazines in digital form. But I was getting mixed up with Retro Gamer. That’s why I posted the link to the old mags as I was looking for some kind of online back catalogue.
  2. This may interest some of you:- https://archive.org/details/edge-magazine-uk?&sort=-week&page=2
  3. What would be a reasonable price to ask for this game boy? Including official Nintendo case with the following carts:- Mario Mario 2 Mario 3 Tetris Double Dragon Super Kick Off Alleyway Paperboy
  4. I'm thinking about selling if anyone is interested? I've got a brand new faceplate too.
  5. My daughters town is buying turnips for 541b. Let me know if any of you want her to open the gates.
  6. My other half needs to offload some if you could open later please:)
  7. In my shop today there is an elaborate kimono stand for 220,000 bells!
  8. I must of asked this 5 times now so sorry for that. But does anyone have Mums as their native flower?
  9. Whoever is at Oreo, Rachaelle is a goon and freaking out as she doesn't know how to reply to messages I've been telling her that you are all stealing her flowers.
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