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  1. @NexivRed I’m happy to sort you out with one
  2. @murray Rachaelle on way with tip. Thanks for opening up
  3. @murray Thanks I will need to make 2 trips
  4. Yes please. Me, my other half and daughter have nips to sell
  5. I've just found something else out that you lot may already know. But as long as an item has been in your pockets you can order it from your own Nook Stop. So someone could drop an item on my island I pick it up then give them it back. I can then go and order it myself. Mind blown. He's annoying but this to me is a good idea. We should all do it Skip to 6m 30s
  6. I'm not one for time travelling. I've never done it in any version of AC. However, the going back in time rain trick is tempting as I have a lot of flowers to water. It's a shame that it would ruin my turnips.
  7. Yeah it's Crack Den. I will have a crack den section at some point
  8. Gates open if anyone wants to pop over.
  9. Does anyone know if shells being on the beach lower your star rating?
  10. I will open up for 30 mins while I water plants.
  11. I think I have managed to get every flower other than blue and gold roses, also no green mums yet.
  12. @GC Zombie Thanks. However, it's all getting complicated!
  13. Clicking the link says I need to request access
  14. I will open them now, Ignore the mess it's very much a work in progress. Gates open
  15. Ah so that's how my items are like max 3k bells but the arcades are 60k+
  16. Cool, yes you are on the list. I am planting them near the airport now.
  17. Yep. Will need to add you as best friend so you can dig them up.
  18. I have a few fully grown yellows and whites if they any good?
  19. Anyone after any flowers? I have loads of different ones I need digging up. Free to a good home.
  20. Well my shop is selling shite today. Tambourine green panda, flamingo and a wall candle. It doesn't get much worse than that!! Does anyone have any white mums today in their shop?
  21. I take it if you are given furniture from another island, you can't order it from your own island terminal?
  22. Excellent thanks. Whatever is easier Just let me know and I will drop the bells off
  23. @Lyrical Donut is there any chance you could order me an arcade machine please?
  24. If anyone still has Turnips to sell. My daughters island is offering 327.
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