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  1. I missed calculated on how many yellow and red cosmos I needed. If anyone needs some let me know,.
  2. The bell theft stories have shocked me! I remember back in the DS days leaving my town open all day. It used to crash a fair bit but I 100% trusted RLLMUK folk.
  3. Is there any chance you can order me a We’re Open sign? Pretty please. @andyw any chance you can reopen later? I need a shit ton of flowers for my WELCOME design
  4. Afternoon all. Does anyone’s shop have lilies, roses or cosmos for sale today? If so any chance of letting me pop over?
  5. And done thanks a lot @Exidor fossils and 200k left
  6. Can you give me another 5 mins @Exidor ? Please
  7. Love it when it rains. As it rained yesterday I had a load of hybrid flowers today without having to use watering can
  8. This game wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without our rllmuk community. I hate it when work gets in the way and I have pages of updates to read.
  9. Yeah Baby bamboo. Thanks again . I need to start making some order of my island. I’ve been too focused on flowers!
  10. Okay, I will get her to check in the morning.
  11. Just realised my other girlfriends shop has them. I will check if in stock tomorrow. How many are you after?
  12. Whoever gave me the bamboo earlier. Thanks a lot I've just realised you gave me so many
  13. 74 bells in Crack Den Shouldn't this thread be moved to the online folder? It's where it used to sit in the old days.
  14. That was me. My apologies, I was getting shouted at to come off switch as other half wanted to watch tele.
  15. Apparently grape too. I never had grapes though.
  16. Yeah there was. Mango too as there were normal and tropical fruit
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