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  1. I will open my gates. Just take what you need Ignore the mess it's a work in progress
  2. Anyone online today that have lilies in their shop?
  3. Do I need to water flowers if it's raining?
  4. 45th!! Get in. This make me feel a little younger. I was starting to feel like the oldest AC player on the forum. It's my 40th in June.
  5. Noo @Larsen B is offline. I may have missed my turnip opportunity
  6. Purple and purple. Good guide here:- https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-31-animal-crossing-flowers-breeds-colours-cross-pollination-hybrid-flowers-new-horizons-7018
  7. I don't believe you can get blue mums. Hybrids are green, pink or purple.
  8. This is what I do. I’ve got a huge field for hybrid farming
  9. Boom! Cheers! On my way. Thanks again also Mr Do.
  10. That may have to do thanks. I will give it another hour if that's okay?
  11. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just gone into one of my rooms in my house which has turnips I forgot about! Buying turnips at the crack of dawn pissed Anyone got a decent price.
  12. Your Japanese garden. Was the flooring done with in game tools or is it custom floor from a QR code?
  13. Is anyone online that has roses for sale
  14. When I first started playing I went to an island full of blue pansy but I didn't realise they were hybrid
  15. I need to dig up some trees and move them. Can anyone let me over for some fruit please? To give me the power!!!
  16. Thanks Stejay. I will have a look and let you know.
  17. Cheers now to google how to use the QR codes
  18. I love your path design. Can the designs be shared?
  19. I will make sure I am on tonight.
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