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  1. It's telling me that there are no islands with your Dodo code.
  2. Yep I will log on now. Let me know what I owe
  3. I don’t suppose there is a way of changing your name, is there?
  4. That's what I thought but I am not getting the option I sent you something crap to test it.
  5. Right I will be active for the next few hours.
  6. They would also be good. So i take it you order them and we meet up and I give you both the cash? Or can you post?
  7. I don't suppose anyone can order me any kitchen stuff?
  8. Actually I need a software update first and it's taking ages
  9. Ha ha I thought I had missed something!!
  10. I have left 16,000 bells. I hope no one nicks it.
  11. Looks like your connection may have disconnected.
  12. I will leave 10% as I think this should be the rules! DS Style.
  13. Is it correct that turnip prices change at 12:00?
  14. To be fair the internet in general at the moment is taking a hammering! So the issues with AC disconnects may not be Nintendo's fault
  15. It’s an unlock. One of your villagers will tell you when the time is right.
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