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  1. I take it when you go to the Island there is no way to post items back like you could in New Leaf?
  2. Hmm tempting! But do I should I hold out. I remember seeing prices as high as 400 in New Leaf.
  3. No one got good Turnip prices? Only 60 bells in Crack Den
  4. I forgot about them!! Putting them in a row to sing!!
  5. It’s always relaxing to fish at night
  6. Is bamboo dangerous like it in New Leaf? It got out of control on my 3DS
  7. Can these 2 be added to the list please? 3487-9626-5395 Other half 8520-4282-0730 Son (he's been warned to be respectful )
  8. Anyone got an Pears please I can bring all other fruit
  9. Can I plant picked flowers? I can't work it out.
  10. Nintendo online is crap. Anyone else getting 'interference' when trying to leave islands?
  11. Can people add my other half as well please? 3487-9626-5395
  12. I can't leave . There interference apparently
  13. Floating presents and no slingshot booo!
  14. Thick question. How do I change my sig?
  15. I am going to open my gates if anyone wants Oranges SW-0156-5835-7311
  16. Yep, the reason I have ended up buying 4 copies of the game
  17. Am I the only one that would prefer Quake on Switch than any Doom?
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