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  1. Bit off topic but is this any good http://www.waratah.co.uk/acatalog/p_info.h...gl=video&id=324 HDMI DVD for under £100 isn't that well cheap?? Waratah is where I got my LE32R41BD £840 inc next day delivery.
  2. I am getting a Samsung 32" LCD delivered today. I mainly bought it also for the 360. I was wanting to get HD Sky uptil I found out it was going to be an extra tenner on my monthly fee. Plus £400 for the box!!
  3. Sorry for the swearing etc last night lads to much beer me thinks. Wow and beer dont mix
  4. On that note do you lot think the Slow down PES5 will have the same slow down issues of WE9. Or will PES5 just be WE9 but in English?
  5. I am not really interested in this game either. Especially after reading what Edge had to say about it. However I am going to order it from simply so I can get that book and bang it on Ebay
  6. I have a wireless router and a wifi usb dongle in my pc. So I won't need one of these?
  7. Cheers will do tonight. Hopefully I will get on better with undead than I did with a Gnome
  8. How do I join the Guild I am going for Undead Warlock. Elivigh
  9. Took me ages to get to level 28 with my Gnome Warlock Percy oh I miss the little chap. But it was just so frustrating as it took so long to level and easy to die.
  10. Right I am thinking about joining this server and guild. I was thinking about either a undead preist or mage, I was a warlock previously when I had the game and really struggled to level. So don't want to fall into that trap again. I was going to go for warrior but I am now level 12 on another server and finding it rather dull with no spells. Is it easier to level with a Mage rather than a Warlock???
  11. On pvp can you be killed at any time??? I just want to plod along without the worry of being attacked
  12. I have been reading this forum for a while and I have just bought I wow. Is the rulers of muk still going strong as I am wanting to join I horde guild. As I have not created a char as yet. I would prefer to go on a RP server. Many thanks Adz
  13. I have one on order 24th of sept from game so should get it for xmas. No games on order as yet. I am hoping Elder Scrolls will be good along with PGR3.
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