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  1. Morr's cover album Blue Skied an' Clear is also amazing.
  2. On the note of product placement, I think coke is totally suitable and one of the few items you can get away with having. It totally made sense to me. Vitamin Water on the other hand... that one definitely wasn't in the book.
  3. Thought the soundtrack was a bit intrusive and not particularly different from what Cave did for Ghosts of... and Proposition. The film was good though and mostly faithful. I thought it totally nailed one of the early key scenes and had glimpses of Southern Comfort and Deliverance, but the later more important cellar scene was lacking a bit and as it hangs over the rest of the film, was a bit of a disappointment. Couldn't fault the costume design and visuals, I didn't even think about them during the film, you just get absorbed straight away. However, on reflection would say the cold temperature wasn't very well-realised, there was only one scene where I really felt the cold, but for the most you didn't exactly think they were heading towards freezing to death or anything. Dream sequences worked really well, in fact I'd say more powerful than the book, I didn't quite feel their relationship in the book, but Theron's performance really brought it out. Felt the boy was slightly older than was needed and it gave the impression he was much more capable and aware, whereas in the book he seemed much more exposed and naive. The man was spot on, though and acted really well. Didn't feel it was too long and although a few bits from the book were missed, think it was necessary to reel in the length. The coastal scenes didn't play out quite the same as the book and I thought made slightly less sense, they led up to Omar who needed to lose a fair bit more weight to play that part. The scene with the flare gun was a bit rushed and the wife of the guy in the house didn't seem to react as you'd expect her to. The man does voice-over for a fair bit of the film, but I found it quite essential, otherwise you'd lose the sense of survival completely, I think. Overall definitely worth watching and I'm so glad they didn't show any of the actual apocalypse as the trailer did. In fact it was nothing like the trailer whatsoever. Ending spoilers:
  4. It's a film score, so a little different to his usual stuff, but nothing at all like his score for Dís (which is probably my fave of his).
  5. I've seen The xx twice now, but they didn't quite meet expectations. The album is nice enough, but not one I've repeated tons, it's just nice now and then - they're are some really great tracks on it. Here's some stuff I've been listening to recently: Beach House - Teen Dream Memory Tapes - Seek Magic Kings of Convenience - Declaration of Dependence Takagi Masakatsu - Tai Rei Tei Rio Little Dragon - Machine Dreams Port Sword Tobacco - Everything is Music to the Ear JJ - No. 2 Múm - Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know Grouper & Xela - Tsuki No Seika Mapstation - The Africa Chamber Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health The Whitest Boy Alive - Rules Jóhann Jóhannsson - And in the Endless Pause There Came the Sound of Bees Tenniscoats & Pastels - Two Sunsets Guitar - Friends Man, I've liked tons this year, I can think of loads more.
  6. Liverpool did really well to block off our usual forms of attack, you barely saw Evra get down the wing like usual and there was nothing getting through the middle. On top of that, there was constantly two men closing down our ball, meaning we never got any space or a chance to pass the game. All credit to Liverpool, they were more up for it, had the tactics right and orchestrated it well. Feel disappointed that Carragher wasn't shown red for his foul on Owen towards the end and I thought there were a few other poor decisions from the ref, but we can't really complain about those not going our way when we never looked like having the desire to win it.
  7. Rin

    Song of the Decade

    BROOKE HOGAN LYRICS Everything To Me Ringtone Send "Everything To Me" Ringtone to your Cell Everything To Me Ringtone "Everything To Me" [Verse 1] You wanna go, And as you open up the door, You change your mind, I'm not something to leave behind, You'll never know, All these things I feel inside, I want to show, you, There's nothing out there to find, [Pre-Chorus] Oh Baby I, wanna make you see, there's nothing more to fear, cause everythings right here, [Chorus] I'm everything you want, I'm everything you need, and every little part of you, is a part of me... I'm everything you know, I'm everywhere you go, And I hope that you see, That your everything to me, Oh yeah, Everything to me, Yeah, [Verse 2] Whisper to me, i hang on every word you say, Don't tell me no, As you turn and walk away, Don't shut me out, I'm much stronger then you know, But you're on your way, you'll be back with me someday, [Pre-Chorus] Oh Baby I, I'm gonna make you see, There's nothing more to fear, Cause everythings right here, [Chorus] I'm everything you want, I'm everything you need, and every little part of you, is a part of me... I'm everything you know, and I'm everywhere you go, and I hope that you see, that you're everything to me, Oh yeah [bridge] I understand your confusion. In denial, disillusioned. But I won't wait to long. And I might just move on. I'm buried by your indecision. Digging for the life I'm missing. Just look inside and see I hope there's room for me. [Pre-Chorus] Oh baby I, I want to make you see, There's nothing more to fear, cause everythings right here. [Chorus] I'm everything you want, I'm everything you need, (Everything you need) and every little part of you, Is a part of me, I'm everything you know, I'm everywhere you go, and I hope that you see, (And I hope that you see) that your everything to me. [Repeat] [Thanks to bnjfan@hotmail.com for these lyrics] [Thanks to tommygirl_mn29@hotmail.com for correcting these lyrics]
  8. Astonishing game. Lots of great performances, in particular from Giggs. Masterclass from United for parts of the second half. A few unbelievable individual mistakes from players on both sides. Two superb goals from Bellamy, which should stand him in good stead for keeping his place amongst a packed attacking squad. Not sure about the rules for adding on time after a substitution and a goal/celebrations during injury time, but it felt like it ran on just slightly too long. An absolute rollercoaster with no dull moments; I hope all Manchester derbies are this good now. So many talking points.
  9. Half white, half black. Look to the cookie.
  10. I'm afraid you're going to have to post us all a copy of your passport, a recent payslip and the last 3 years of bank statements before we can give any credibility to your opinion.
  11. Infiltrating the BBC to fix the machine would have made an amazing show.
  12. Genuinely didn't think he'd do something like this which takes no skill whatsoever, but I can't really argue otherwise after seeing that. If you can do a camera trick and sell it, what's the point of ever bothering to use any other techniques again?
  13. Tomorrow, the second camera will show you how he did(n't) do it.
  14. My guess is the camera stuff is a red herring. I like to think that he could do this in front of an audience, although in this one I do think perspective plays a huge part. Particularly how straight the angle of the ball rack is. Though, for all we know it's a bit of everything.
  15. Didn't Daniels advise him to guess one wrong? I think that was good advice.
  16. He should create his own with Joe Cornish. I call it the Magic Line.
  17. He wouldn't split screen, he'd get kicked out of the Circle. The ball moving is proof that he's tampered with the balls which we all know he has to tamper with in order to write the numbers on which were just drawn. i.e. Duh, but how?
  18. No, his piece of paper gets switched, but Brown convinces you that he's convinced Pegg he chose a bike and then forgot.
  19. He was definitely doing *something* when he was stood still gaping in the same position whilst all the numbers were drawn. I call puppetry.
  20. My favourite one was with Simon Pegg and the bike.
  21. I love it so much when he says this is how I did it and it totally isn't how he did it. I think he's amazing, he totally perplexes me. This one was a bit anti-climatic though. I bet on Friday he shows how he didn't do it, but it totally could be how he did it to a ridiculous level of effort. I think it'll be a much better show than him stood still gaping at a screen. The repeat of the The Gathering shown afterwards was so boring though, when it's live you can tell he already knows the answers and he's stretching it out so much pretending to be psychic. I prefer the tv shows.
  22. Rin

    Porn Sword Tobacco

    Giftwrap Yourself, Slowly is probably my favourite track title ever.
  23. That was my favourite too. And I'm guess by the fact that you didn't mention it, that you haven't seen Hitchcock's Rope?
  24. Plenty of chances created, which was the main thing. Didn't take them all but that will come in time. Certainly was a 1-0 where we didn't get out of gear, rather than the fabled 1-0 grinded result "of champions". Looking forward to seeing more from Valencia. It took him a while to gain the confidence to make runs, but once he did he provided some great chances. His crossing was particularly good. Just hope those injuries we've picked up aren't too serious. We've always got the option to bring someone else in before the end of the month at least.
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