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  1. I been doing this loop for the past 2 days, not sure whether to scrap it or not. There's elements I like however, where to go next?. [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]Its unmixed, just recorded straight from the MPC so apologies in advance for the rubbish sound. At the moment drums need to be more punchy, I guess also need more variations.
  2. Should I buy this or get Demon Souls first and wait until this is cheaper like other Capcom games?
  3. I find her pretty annoying, I wouldn't mind it so much but from what I seen of her she's one of those annoying girl gamers who likes to throw it in your face that she's a girl gamer. Stream monsters are idiots majority of the time.
  4. Yes, her. I find her really obnoxious.
  5. Also does anyone else find Sherry really annoying?
  6. Cannot help but feel certain brackets were rigged i.e All the Japanese players playing against each other so early?.
  7. Its a great episode because of Lin my wonderful imaginary waifu, however, I feel watching it again it wasn't as great as the other because it did feel like a set up episode and felt quite rushed. Still bloody amazing.
  8. I thought Thundercats got pretty bad and it was pretty obvious... Anyway definitely cooled to the series now, its OK but the first episode showed so much promise only to throw it away througout the series. Plus certain characterisation were pretty difficult to swallow from a fan of the older series.
  9. As sad as this is, Korra is one of the things that actually makes me look forward to the weeks ahead in my life.
  10. You said much better than I ever could. For me anything about God and creationism and I rapidly lose interest fast. You said much better than I ever could. For me anything about God and creationism and I rapidly lose interest fast.
  11. You mean the line about the king dying. I see what you mean and I got that from the various interactions like David was like a son to the doctor not being able to have a child to her relationship with her father which then relating to her faith. However, I guess I simply wasn't too interested and wanted to see xenomorphs.
  12. Wow, that didn't really occur to me at all. I like films that makes the audience to think and asks questions, however, I really didn't consider the film that deep when I watched it.
  13. Surprised this isn't getting a remake from Hollywood.
  14. He reminds me of a friend I used to know. For some reason I I felt he was very tightly wounded and too in control, didn't seem as warm as the others. Then I related to the Super Meat Boy team alot in terms of being isolated, misunderstood.
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