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  1. I'm still a noob in terms of economy and stuff so it's not much but I left you a NMT over by that egg table/stool on the left of your plaza.
  2. I will requeue if that's ok, have a second batch to offload!
  3. Hmm keep getting "interference" according to the Dododuder. Can't seem to connect to any island today. EDIT: Ah got in now!
  4. I'm 9th in queue atm. Are you still open for a bit? (the name's John in the game)
  5. Are you still open for business? Can I come over?
  6. If any Dutchies are interested in this but aren't keen on buying it at full price shoot me a PM. I've bought this via Bol.com but after playing it for a bit I'm just not feeling it. Selling it for €40.
  7. Just put me on ignore please, thanks.
  8. Who gives a shit about Nioh?! I guess I'm missing something. Anyway I'm just trying to liven up the place instead of having something so dour (Brexit) be linked to something so glorious (Sekiro). But I guess that whole situation has already done a number on you folk based on some of these replies. Jesus. I'm oot. Have fun!
  9. Thanks uncle Ben.
  10. But my question still stands good sir. Any suggestions for a thread title? The one at the other place was really good I thought. Surely us Mukkers are capable of something even better?
  11. I'm not the one who brought up Nioh (besides there's plenty of room for both franchises?). Anyway I guess the community still hasn't figured out the mechanics of that fight? It looked really tough but also kind of monotonous. Very hard to find an opening in any case.
  12. Yesterday I saw some poor fuck on twitch dance around two apes for about 2 hours. Doing about half a centimetre of damage before going back into circle strafe mode for another 5 minutes. Essential. Ya know I'm just being facetious but I just found it funny and absurd.
  13. Strafe Simulator? Backdash Simulator?
  14. Oh man, I'd love a Battleborn style multiplayer. I'm probably the only person on the forum that actually sunk some hours into that thing (127 to be exact) and it was such a shame to see it die off so soon (queue times quickly got very lengthy lol). I get that it wasn't for everyone, especially with Overwatch blowing up at the time but it's one of the most fun and interesting hero shooters I've played! (because Overwatch isn't a shooter! )
  15. What makes people think it's a BR? Or that it would have a BR mode even?
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