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  1. Yup they honoured mine as well. I’m surprised they did
  2. Returnal is PPSA01285 (plus smaller numbers 9814696)
  3. No. Bigger screen, OLED, wider stand and a LAN port. I never expected better performance. Weirdly it doesn’t seem to replace the original model
  4. Here it is then.... bigger screen, OLED, wider stand and a LAN port more info: better audio, 64gb storage, $350,
  5. Mines arrived from them as well. Installing. Other than Astrobot this is the first actual PS5 game I will have played
  6. Fall Guys. The new season has just been released as well
  7. Mine (from Currys) did the same and then overnight after a couple of days I got a shipped email. I reckon they are just having issues sorting through the volume of orders
  8. Is there any way to see what PS4 games I own anywhere on the ps5?
  9. It’s arrived! 3.45am curry’s order came through
  10. For those that have one, how is the noise level?
  11. Sorry https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/consoles/sony-playstation-5-825-gb-10203370-pdt.html?awc=1599_1605755838_89eb6d3a4ad783b014c31471a50eb564&srcid=369&xtor=AL-1&cmpid=--present-- saw it on hotukdeals, you have to add it to your wish list first. Although some are now saying it will be cancelled and refunded in the morning.
  12. ..and start using Microsoft Rewards from this month and you’ll get a free month of ultimate every month from now on.
  13. this it? £27 from cdkeys https://www.cdkeys.com/nintendo/switch/ultra-street-fighter-ii-2-the-final-challengers-switch
  14. Yup it’s there on the UK Xbox store. 4.5GB download
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