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  1. If bray.tech is to believed there will be 69 challenges this season, so you can skip 3. I've given up too.
  2. catweazle

    L.A Noire

    The shape of the mouth isn't exact, but it's close enough. You can't really tell with the camera angles they've chosen, but there's a few places in the trailers that give away the actual shape of the geometry in the faces. Check out the eye and mouth of this guy: His mouth doesn't really have any depth, and the eye texture is a bit warped. Looks better in motion though.
  3. catweazle

    L.A Noire

    I'm fairly certain that LA Noire does uses bone animation for the base movement of the face, then uses a streamed diffuse/normal map to get all the lovely creasing and such. I think the "generated mesh" is just talking about the capture process from 2D video, there's no real reason to generate a mesh in realtime and it would cause all kinds of lighting artifacts as the topology changes. I suspect that the base mesh is also fairly inaccurate, and the video compensates for this. This is speculation unless they do a talk at GDC or Siggraph on the techniques used, though.
  4. catweazle

    L.A Noire

    The facial animation is very cool, I've been going through frame by frame, and I think they're using a unique approach that I've not seen elsewhere. What it looks like to me is that the game is streaming in diffuse and normal textures like a video, and projecting onto low res facial geometry that roughly matches the video. You can see this in a few shots where the teeth slide around. It's not actual footage as such by the look of it, but does look like it's been processed offline. It captures the performance better than anything I've seen, but seems to have a few drawbacks. Foremost is the lack of shadows - presumably they are avoiding them as they could easily show discontinuities between the video and geometry. The face textures are also pretty low res too. Not sure why there's no baked ambient occlusion, they could really do with it under the hats. I think it's really nice to see studios trying out different technologies.
  5. catweazle

    Rock Band!

    They have 360 keyboards now, and Wii/360 pro drums, but no PS3 instruments yet.
  6. O/\O Probably my favourite album.
  7. I've just done that bit. I libra'd him, debuffed until he was slowed, Relentless Assaulted him until Lightning's health was getting dangerously low, then busted out Odin before he could summon any more robots. One robot left to mop up after Odin had done his thing.
  8. Plenty in HMV Oxford St this morning. More than the normal edition.
  9. You can hold down the power button while turning it on (until it beeps a second time) to reset the display settings.
  10. catweazle


    Anyone want to trade for a HDBits invite?
  11. There once was a console called Wii Which was hailed throughout the country As a pastime for Mums To wiggle their bums It wasn't very good
  12. catweazle


    Does anyone have a spare invite? I'd be ever so grateful.
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