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  1. Question for you Splinter Cell veterans out there, I have never played a Splinter cell game (the horror!) Anyways I read in one review that conviction is difficult to understand if you are new to the series. Should I play some of the other games first ie: chaos theory or double agent? Or should I just jump in to the most accessable game in the series?
  2. Yeah this game could get an awful rating and I'll buy it, for the DUKE O'NUKE! As long as it is funny I dont really care- I expect It will be a bit like Prey ie: not groundbraking - but entertaining, (not in terms of having anus doors ). "I came to kick ass and chew bubblegum........ and I'm all out of gum" B)
  3. yeah i'm not really much of a mentor tbh but I advised minnie - since Tom said he'd like to go fast - and the char build means hes going straight for intys - the new character builds are sick though, if i remeber correctly sutam had gunnery V and small projectile V out of the box! Sadly it has been soo long since i started and so much has changed in eve that I cant really remember how best to ease into the universe. Though hopefullly after 30 days u should have enough sp to join a 0.0 corp, inty pilots are ALWAYS needed!
  4. Got this now but I'm stuck at a desk doing data entry - roll on five thirty!!! (also cease the hypage its making it unbearable! )
  5. Yeah sorry lads I sucked the big one in those games, had no clue what was happening on isolation! More practice is in order. Still it was great fun!
  6. I'm in, but i really need some practice big time. Anyone up for a practice tonight? or tommorrows?
  7. Just finished the demo, absolutely breathtaking. Much faster than the original shocks, more of a "shooter" with creative weapons than a first person RPG ala Oblivion, which as irrational intended, (although this is just the Demo) The whole game just Oozes atmosphere, it won't be everyone's cup of tea for sure but it is the most fully realised virtual environment I have ever played in.
  8. All fixed now, massive error there. I was doing link to post rather than posting a link as you said.
  9. Right well its been a while since I posted on here but here are some good vids been digging around and found a few older vids that are entertaining: Coreli never outgunned- Vid by the chap who did Day of Darkness similar in style. Why We Do it- Mercenary Coalition Vid, pretty old but its got great music and is very true to the realities of eve. Damage Control 2 -Lots of Minnie action, some Mach stuff and a great example of Fleet Commander difficulties at the beginning of the video. Load of Gallent PVP stuff- Domi for the win -the prequel to Jamesw's Domination -Blaster Domi Action! Reckless -Farjung of Wave of Mutiliation fame in some crazy Megathron solo action. Got Stupid- Taranis, Thorax and other gally ships in some great fights. Ednas_Adventures_ in_Space- more gally action lots of Ishtar kills. Map_of_Problomatique_final- My fave of this lot lots of gally ships flown here particularly the Myrmidon and Arazu, which appears to be the most frustrating ship to fight against ever. Hope all links work
  10. hey there well i guess it is just you and me kiigan if you are still up for the game, my b.net name is superc00l, i'm in the brood war GBR1 channel.
  11. Gah i'm away from my pc today! Have not played COH in ages, maybe a game tommorrow if anyone fancys it?
  12. I'm around tommorrow for a game if anyone is interested, how does 20:00 sound? Hopefully we can get a two on two going!
  13. Hey there really trying to get back into Starcraft, hopefully we can get more rllmuk regulars on. As regards online play i'm pretty much a total noob, but I am willing to learn and not afraid of failure. Btw which race does everyone prefer? I am a Zerg broodling tbh, for the Hive mind!!
  14. well while it may all be hear say, there are far to many reports of CCP taking sides in disputes which I think is very unprofessional. I'm not defending the Goons and I'm not trying to take anything away from BoB, perhaps I have been taken in by mere slander, but I think that CCP fail to present any form of transparency for the community and thus trust can be easily undermined. As such a post and the reactions to it demonstrate (mine included).
  15. Well much as I know little about alliances and POS sieges, the methods used were and are wholly unprofessional. Sadly the source of the info is a bit like a paedophile indicting a rapist but the point is, goon fleet or non, no player should be able to get someone banned in that manner. Whilst the guy was probably being a nob about his reporting, its still a bit off (no rather way off) that some BoB corpie can get him banned. Oh well my uneducated two cents, on the plus side at least we have slander to chat about
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