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  1. They could do it like the start of the Carnage graphic novel - Brock in a prison cell with Cletus Kasady, talking about how he ended-up in there, maybe with a flashback sequence. Carnage could even be the 'villain', instead of SpiderMan.
  2. Cholo on the Spectrum. I got quite a way into it once, but ultimately, didn't know what I was doing
  3. Anybody know much about Star Trek Timelines? Due out in May, apparently
  4. I always used to start CM 00/01 with Villa, just so I could have Ehiogu in my side. Good player in the game, but even better in real life. RIP.
  5. I've got a few simple game ideas that want to do something with, but I'm so rusty on coding that I might as well consider everything out there, instead of just relearning languages I've used ages ago. Apart from Siread, has anybody on here done much with Monkey? If so, what did you think of it? Is it easy to pick up? Any good books to refer to? What are the limitations?
  6. I'm surprised they didn't do it when Liverpool did. Will The Sun attempt to make amends to the city now or will this be the next Daily Mail vs Wikipedia?
  7. I would argue that the overall standard is actually weaker now. Remember that to be in the competition, you had to either be your country's league champions or be the holders of the European Cup, so you were never routinely playing the 3rd or 4th best team from any country - everybody was there on merit. There was no league stage where you could lose a few games and still progress, it was all knockout. The standard of football/tactics/fitness not being at today's levels is a red herring - you can only play what's in front of you. Should we dismiss the achievements of every other European Cup winning side too? Those great Ajax, Bayern, Real Madrid and Liverpool sides that also won it 2 or 3 years running - are they no good any more because they didn't beat Barcelona in 2009? If Leicester win it this season, it'll be well-deserved and a fantastic achievement, not some fluke unworthy of praise. </angry Forest Fan>
  8. monobrow


    I'd love to see a gory, 18-rated Spiderman film, with Carnage as the villain. Something where he's shown as a merciless killer, instead of a wise-cracking comedian. Instead they'll just keep rebooting Spiderman every 10 years or so with the same few stories
  9. I read a post where the author (Einar?) announces he's managed to optimize the engine's size by 3 bytes. Which sounds laughable, until you think about the speed of the CPU and that the engine is written in assembly language. Tiny optimizations can have a significant impact.
  10. What he said. Does that engine only work with fairly simple games, or could some genius beautify something like Enduro Racer?
  11. I think that means those particular ROMs aren't compatible with your version of MAME. I've got a 15 year-old set and maybe 1 in 5 work with the current version of MAME
  12. 2 stick out - Perfect Dark and Resident Evil. Perfect Dark on the N64 was more of a slideshow than a game at times and I just lost patience with it on the final level where the boss fires rockets at you. It just felt unfair. Resident Evil was a lesson in alternating game saves. I had played the game through with one save file, and just before heading onto the roof for the final boss battle, made the mistake of topping-up my health first and then saving. The monster would always get enough damage that I needed a top-up, but I had nothing left and because I'd saved the game after topping-up I couldn't correct that mistake.
  13. It took me a few posts to realise this wasn't about Dr. Doom
  14. Mine's pretty much all gone now. It was sat in a storage unit for years, just eating money every month. I miss some of it, but most of my favourites are available on Steam, Live Arcade or work via emulation.
  15. Was that the branch that had a 'tunnel' you walked through to get to the games section?
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