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  1. Got myself a bunch of necron stuff off dark sphere.co.UK about 30% cheaper than games workshop, paid £52 for the necron battleforce set, gw is £70 and there citadel paints are 1.80 per pot
  2. Be good to get in on some drive club action, n e chance of adding me psn fragdude123
  3. agreed, that photo is amazing,
  4. looks and sounds lovely, and a good photo too
  5. im guessing oscar is a young boy (going by the plate?) if so, wow he eats healthy and I wish my parents cooked that for me when i was a kid
  6. your local coop, do all sizes of crowns, fresh wont be delivered into store until the 20th december, frozen available now though, you should be able to pre order and collect, also the quality of meat in my opinion is much nicer then tesco/sainsbury.
  7. thanks for all the ideas, will check them out and feedback which i ask for
  8. people keep asking what i want for xmas (why i should know is beyond me) anyway, thought i may aswell get some cookbooks, just bought a nice wok, so would ideally want a book with some nice wok recipes, and maybe a book with recipes from around the world, and a cake recipe book (1 that me and the kids can make together) any ideas greatly appreciated
  9. when my wife (then gf) first lived together, sunday lunch was tin carrots, tin peas, tin pots and a tin fray bentos mince beef and onion pie.............
  10. every now and then as a treat me and the wife have the double sausage/egg mcmuffin, except i take 1 of her sausage and put in mine, and end up with a triple sausage and egg mcmuffin , nom nom :~) (and yes those wraps are minging)
  11. tesco have in the chilled section a packet that has 2 part baked petit pains, 8 meatballs, a bbq sauce sachet and 2 processed cheese slices, put the 4 meatballs in each roll wack in oven, when cooked chuck the cheese slice and bbq sauce on each roll, nom nom
  12. bought this for my son for part of his crimbo pressie, great idea, about £290 to buy everything........................ great money spinning idea, hope it gets good sales, so they develop it further
  13. my tesco still do ame, as does my local coop
  14. wall bangers (made by walls i think) sausages in a batter , yummy warning do not search for "walls wallbangers" via google images infront of your wife, it comes up with about 100 dildos............
  15. given u a +1 for that jab, sounds lovely, almost got a -1 though for lack of picture though
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