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  1. I have had a stab at an external scene. Not a garden though.
  2. I just thought I'd add a YouTube vid showing the additional work in progress on my front room project. I'm only just over 50% on the graphics thermometer, so still plenty of scope for additional detail to be added.
  3. If anyone wants to take a look around my front room. I've been slowly recreating the assets with my own versions and have put a work in progress build up on Dreams. Search for "Front Room" and you can have a go. I've also managed to get the graphics thermometer down to about 30% now. So plenty of room for adding more detail. I've also put some of the assets up separately, if you want to use them in anything. Maybe we should add "rllmuk" to the tags so that we can find eachothers creations.
  4. Just watch the vid this morning. Really useful info. Pretty much what I found out myself, although rather than scaling, I'm going to try that detail reduction tool and see if it gives the same effect. Thanks.
  5. I'll be sure to have a watch of that tomorrow. I've just got into bed and don't want to wake my gf. My experiments tonight indicate that if you scale your sculpts as small as you can get away with, then enlarge them within your scene, that gets the graphics thermometer numbers lower. Larger sculpts have cleaner lines and more detail, but smaller sculpts scaled-up will go a bit fuzzier. So it's something of a trade-off. I've got to say that now I'm getting the hang of using it, the controls have become less annoying and I'm really starting to enjoy creating things. This looks like being quite a powerful bit of software in the right hands. I've been using the dualshock so far and only watched the initial tutorial vids. I've got some Move controllers, so it may be worth doing the tutorials with those before moving to the more in-depth stuff.
  6. I think it's a case of using the tools wisely when creating assets. The black bucket chair at the bottom-right uses about 11% of the graphics budget. The coffee table uses a similar amount and is made-up of just 6 cubes. I've since removed the bucket chair, reworked the coffee table, uplighter and the main light, and I've freed-up 25% of the graphics budget. Weirdly the wood-effect floor looks quite detailed and I've tiled it multiple times - it doesn't even add 1% to the scene. You can create quite complex models that look great on their own, but eat a lot of the graphics budget when used in a bigger scene. So you need to choose wisely.
  7. Just a quick recommendation. I was playing through some of the games made by other people and one of the best I've found so far is a very short game called "Panis Pot". It's a beautifully put together game with a lot of charm. You can also finish it in about 3 minutes. Anyone else got any recommendations of things they've discovered?
  8. It has some little coloured circles at the bottom-left. One is for graphics, one is for gameplay elements. I can't remember what the other one is. As you add and delete things in the scene it gives a reading next to it of how many percent more or less that change has made. When I went over the limit, it allowed me to continue editing, but wouldn't let me save.
  9. I've been tinkering with this over the afternoon and into the evening. I thought I'd have a go at recreating my front room. It's been a good starter project is I've used other people's assets for most of the furnishings. The uplighter I did by modifying someone elses lamp. The door is also a modified version of someone elses. I think I'm going to carry on playing with this and modify/create my own assets one by one to replace each of them. I've just about maxed out the graphics complexity for this scene, so I'm going to have to find more economical ways of building stuff. Please excuse the camera phone photo of my TV. I just snapped it last thing before turning off.
  10. How do they get on in Canada?
  11. Yeah. Through the rewards app. Looks like a total 1720 points available through the quests and they're on until end of March. Quests are as follows: Aftercharge - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Get an achievement in a February gamepass game for 100 points. Get four achievements in ID@Xbox games for 400 points. Discover new games for 20 points. Complete all quests for 500 points. - - - - - - And it looks like you can earn achievements that will satisfy multiple categories.
  12. Looks like a load of "quests" have been added to the Xbox app. Earn various numbers of achievements in various gamepass games for some pretty decent rewards.
  13. People are mad to be claiming that their favourite scene is anything other than the one where Meatloaf's trousers accidentally fall down in the background.
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