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  1. It really is amazing that a company that codes operating systems as a core part of its business can have such problems running an online rewards scheme.
  2. Don't forget your streak bonuses. They can add a hefty extra chunk of points here and there.
  3. Well I've got Game Pass on my Xbox, and I see that there's plenty of Yakuza games to get stuck into on there.
  4. Chalk me up as a newcomer to Kamurocho with Judgment. Having watched trailers and the odd Youtube vid in the past, I've always been a bit unsure as to whether I'd like the Yakuza games. And as the series has grown ever larger, it's put me off the idea of giving them a try (let alone considering where to start). When I saw Judgment released and it being it described as a more serious version of Yakuza that requires no prior knowledge, I procrastinated but decided it probably still wasn't for me. However, a recent mention of it on TCGS a month or so back - and how it was on sale on PS5 for £15, tempted me to give it a go. So 40 hours in I've completed the game and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. While the main story was quite straight, there were still plenty of outlandish side cases and stories to lighten the mood. And it looked great too. I've still got some unfinished business with the outstanding side cases and drone racing, so I'll be dipping back in to mop a lot of those up. To echo what was said above, the constant fighting on nearly every street was starting to grate a little towards the end, but the use of a few extracts here and there can speed up these encounters. I'm now looking forward to picking up Lost Judgment at some point and I may even be tempted to have a dabble with the Yakuza series too.
  5. Considering that the rewards system seems to be held together with string and sticky tape, it wouldn't surprise me that they just stick to quests that they know will work.
  6. I've got this same issue. Any of the rewards that require you to just play a game are not working. I raised a ticket last Tuesday and the last response that I had from MS was to tell me that they're still looking into the problem and will get back to me when there is any update. I'm keeping a note of all of the rewards that I can't get, so I can get them to credit me with those once they've got to the bottom of it. Probably worth you doing the same as you can potentially miss out on the 1000 point monthly reward if they don't get it fixed sharpish.
  7. It seems to be recognising my achievements, but I'm getting nothing for the daily 'play a game pass game' one, nor for the weekly 'play haven' or 'play 3 different game pass games' ones.
  8. Anyone else having problems with Game Pass Rewards not recognising that you've played any games?
  9. I completed the first day on Night In The Woods and got no achievement for it - when I should have, apparently. But then when I was playing Lumines, they were popping up just fine. Edit: Just logged into the xbox app on my phone and got the Night In The Woods achievement pop up.
  10. I had this same issue. It looks like the game had synced the control presets that I'd been using on the PC version in the past. I plugged a mouse into the Xbox and deleted my old control presets. It now works just fine. You can unplug the mouse once you're done.
  11. No. He wouldn't dare. Just walking away after I put him on top of it.
  12. I tried. He wouldn't stay still.
  13. Thanks to @HarryBizzle for the Currys code. I'm now a member of this exclusive club.
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