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  1. @rgraves mentioned over in the Gamepass thread that they have a spare 14 day trial code available.
  2. Don't forget that you don't even have to install anything. You can always play the XCloud version.
  3. The good thing with Human Fall Flat, is that you can get the achievements a second time if you install it on PC too. I say "good thing". It's only a good thing if you're enjoying playing it and want to do it all a second time for the easy points.
  4. You can't have rinsed every achievement from every game on Game Pass, surely. I always have a couple of smaller games installed that dish out fairly simple achievements and just do one of them each day - it helps if they're enjoyable games too. Human Fall Flat is my current choice.
  5. I turned my Xbox on this morning and that now shows up as completed.
  6. Yes. I'm having the same problem.
  7. I was just idly clicking through Amazon.co.uk and see that they have the Series S in stock at the moment.
  8. I'd imagine that the music is probably a CD quality audio file rather than being generated on the soundcard like the original.
  9. I was hoping for an airport level in this trilogy. An airport would lend itself really well as a location as it naturally has restricted areas and a whole plethora of workers wearing different outfits.
  10. Just to confirm that it is "New Super Lucky's Tale" that's being updated as opposed to "Super Lucky's Tale" as they are both on Gamepass.
  11. If you have a phone and a Gamepass ultimate sub, you can do the Gamepass quests via the app and Xcloud.
  12. It took me longer to score the goal. I'm shite at Fifa.
  13. I bloody love this film and watch it all too often. It doesn't help that due to Covid, the world is locked down and the one country in world that I'm desperate to go and see more of is Japan.
  14. There does seem to be the odd bug. I've got the bug in Dartmoor that doesn't recognise the motorcycle as an exit. Mendoza seems to have a few bugs. Occasionally the female target doesn't show up red in Hitman vision. Also, I managed to completely break it when I chose not to get frisked as part of a story mission. I decided to go an alternative route to the target area and it seemed to completely screw up the scripting for the end of the mission. I had to repeat about 30 minutes to try it again.
  15. There's another Hitman 3 reward that has gone up. It's a punchcard, so will need activating first, but will give you 250 reward points for earning an achievement in Hitman 3.
  16. Do we tell him about...
  17. I'll still replay missions with different start points and different loadouts, as new opportunities can present themselves based on what weapons and options you have. But, sometimes I'll be stood in a bathroom behind a target and know that I need to do a challenge to drown them and a challenge to kill them by fibrewire. But I can't decide which. I'll save and do both.
  18. You can be playing through a level and spot an opportunity to choose from several available challenges (say to kill a target in various ways). If you save at that point and do a challenge, you can reload the save, do another, reload, do another etc until you've done all of the challenges you think are available in that run. If you then complete the level, it will count of of the challenges as complete at the end of that run. It's not a glitch. This is how it's been since Hitman 2016. And it allows you to maximise the challenges you can complete without getting bored of repeating th
  19. Yeah, I noticed it did that on one of my runs earlier today. I wondered whether it hadn't logged some of them correctly yesterday when it kept logging me out, then reconnecting, then logging out etc. Also, is it meant to be similar with the shortcuts? I thought were meant to be permanently opened, but I found some to be closed again on future runs.
  20. I'm spending a lot of time on each level in order to get to know the layouts and goings on. Getting up to about level 15 mastery before moving on. That way, I have a good grasp of the level, but still leaving myself something to come back for.
  21. I'd only ever downloaded and played the Hitman 2 demo on my Xbox. But it seems to have added all of the Hitman 2 levels (excluding DLC) into my Hitman 3 installation. Bonus!
  22. You're making good progress.
  23. It's gone for me too. Not sure if you'll still get the 6000 points as you normally have to go back to the punchcard and say you've completed it.
  24. Is EA play meant to be coming to Game Pass on PC today?
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