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  1. i think that’s fantastic. I’d be really happy if that arrived through my letterbox
  2. I haven’t painted anything for years but love these threads, particularly following the work in progress. I thought all the entries were fantastic this month and it was really hard to choose between them. You should do ‘you’ve got red on you’ as the theme sometime
  3. Oh Lordy; mine has shipped too, although the notification came at 20.40! glad I didn’t even manage to see the option for priority shipping!
  4. I didn’t say any option at all to choose delivery dates
  5. yes, just had the same notification. I hope @Stanley is right!
  6. yes, I checked that as well. Can pay it off it in one go or just pay the £30 at 0% interest.
  7. Oh boo I didn’t see that, but I thought the whole checkout experience was a bit wishy washy. either way happy to have one and be out of the race to try and grab one, even if I have to wait a week for it to arrive.
  8. I got one as well thanks to you! Thanks for posting your pro-tip @womblingfree Had the order confirmation but no dispatch email yet. So pleased to finally get a young Xbox
  9. I found stock informer missed several fairly major restocks so have given up on it. If you’re on Twitter this account seems fairly good at reporting restocks as and when they happen: https://twitter.com/StockNotifierUk?s=20
  10. I got my son that for his ninth birthday. despite being an avid player of the switch games, and owning lots of Pokemon cards, he didn’t really understand the mechanics of the card game. The battle academy set really helped him get to grips with it. There’s a turn by turn guide through your first few hands with the two ‘basic’ decks to help you learn the game and then there’s an ‘advanced’ deck which has a separate booklet to introduce you to some new play elements/tactics. the board is really nice, and it just feels like a good quality package. I would highly recommend it.
  11. Lucas


    Really did not expect anything from this game. Cracking result.
  12. I saw inhaler at the garage in Highbury in December. It’s a small venue, maybe 600 capacity? Thought they were great. One of the best gigs I went to last year.
  13. Lucas

    Hot Chip

    I’ve seen them twice this year; a small gig at village underground in March and at Alexandra Palace on Saturday. Both were great, but village underground edged it for me, partly because I ended up standing in a terrible place on Saturday as I only just made it to the gig. i love the reworking of their older stuff and the cover of sabotage is great. There was a fantastic atmosphere on Saturday as well and their live show is far more engaging than a load of nerds standing behind synths should be.
  14. On my way to see Tyler the creator at Brixton
  15. Jill, here's a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.
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