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  1. God, I remember being hopelessly addicted to Puzzle Quest on the Nintendo DS back in the day. It's out for Switch on Thursday. I mustn't.
  2. A Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2 collection has appeared on the eshop now for £40. It's been delayed from its original release date in the September crush, sensibly. Except ... it's now coming out on 15 October, the same day as The Witcher 3 and Overwatch. I was hoping they'd let us buy them separately as I only want BG2. Oh well.
  3. Not just September, but literally the same day as Dragon Quest XI. Ok then! Switch is going to become the ultimate Dragon Quest machine, I think. DQs IV to IX next, please.
  4. I'm stuck in Super Metroid! @Cyhwuhx Is it possible to fuck up your progress by sequence breaking? I used a few timed bombs to bounce my way up through a little gap in a room in Norfair which I'm not sure I was supposed to do, and proceeded to get the speed booster. Eventually I made my way to an elevator that leads from Maridia to Crateria, but at the top of the elevator my path is now blocked by a yellow door (don't have a weapon for opening this) and when I make my way back down to the room I came from in Maridia, the door I originally came through is still yellow. The only other path is blocked by a power-bombable floor, and I don't have power bombs.
  5. I remember not getting on very well with the first Divinity on PS4, partly because of the way you controlled your characters but mostly (I know this sounds petty) because the dialogue windows often took up the entire screen, I think when you were choosing your responses in conversations. Is this still the case on the Switch sequel?
  6. I spend so long moaning about niggles here and there that I sometimes forget Capcom has basically made the game I've wanted since those first adventures in Moga Woods. That dream of a big budget, high definition console Monster Hunter that we all knew Capcom would never actually make. It has a few issues but this is that game, and that's incredible really.
  7. Ahhh, hopefully that's it. I wouldn't know because I've failed to slay him twice. Second attempt lasted 45 minutes, ran out of all my potions and traps and he triumphed over me in the dying minutes. He is everything I could have possibly hoped for. An absolutely fucking majestic modern realisation of him. Both of those (ultimately abortive) fights had all the exhilaration of my earliest MH hunts. I was on the fucking ropes. Each time his music kicks in, it's utterly intimidating, as is the way his seemingly gigantic mass lunges over the top of you. Because of the erratic nature of his movements, he frequently ends up off screen, as in previous games, but in this he had me so totally dominated I was screwing my eyes shut at certain moments waiting for the impending deathblow. Truly exhilarating.
  8. Hmm, isn't just me. Here too. Hopefully it's either something we're missing or something that's easily patched.
  9. What MR are you? And had you already completed those quests before starting Iceborne? My special assignments option is greyed out - can't even click on it.
  10. Absolutely. The two subspecies I've done so far were fantastic. And the MH3 monster I was hoping would make an appearance above all others has just been introduced!
  11. The LR/HR/MR toggles only apply to expeditions, I think, not to the hubs. I thought you were both onto something for a moment but I tried travelling to Astera with High Rank selected in that menu and it's no different. Still no special assignments. Still no blue exclamation marks. I think Geralt was hanging out in the Research Base before, but he's not there any more. Again, that's while selecting High Rank to go there. It's because Iceborne has moved things about in the existing hubs, I think. Dont think I'll ever be doing that Deviljho Food Chain special assignment now, but at least I can hunt him on a high rank expedition to the Ancient Forest. All's not lost.
  12. I had the quest markers in the hub at first too, and the same notification about the Geralt DLC quest that had popped up after every quest (I was ignoring it) but that has now vanished. There was a point where a bunch of NPCs all moved around from their usual places and I think that's when the markers and DLC quests vanished. I can't find them in any other category and I don't get the Geralt notification after quests any more.
  13. I'm a bit concerned that starting Iceborne might have fucked up my special assignments from the base game. I still had a Deviljho quest and some Witcher thing to do, but now I'm not able to access any special assignments at all. It's greyed out.
  14. It makes total sense. There's a huge sense of satisfaction to be had from taking a monster down single-handedly for the first time. I think it's also the best way to learn a monster's attacks and figure out how best to take them down. You have way more time and space on your own. I really love hunting with others once I've got a monster's patterns down and have slayed a few on my own, but there's nothing worse than a much higher rank player turning up and wiping your target out in a couple of minutes before you've even seen what the monster can do. None of us MH3 noobs would have had that amazing experience of taking down Great Jaggi with five minutes to spare if Tri had encouraged you to fire a flare within minutes of starting your first real hunt.
  15. Until two days ago, I'd never been beyond this point of the game. The prospect of three elder dragons in a row sounded so wearisome that I gave the game a break and kind of forgot to go back, both on PS4 and PC. In preparation for Iceborne, I powered through them in a day, Purin, and it was actually pretty fun. Then you're just a quest away from Iceborne. This means there's still loads of vanilla content I haven't touched yet too. And I don't think I've even properly hunted Bazelgeuse or Deviljho yet, never mind tempered monsters or event stuff. It feels amazing to be getting stuck into it all again, with Iceborne's secrets to explore too. My weekend is dead.
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