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  1. Wait, I thought cherry blossoms were just cosmetic. Can you interact with them?
  2. 90 bells at mine if anyone wants me to open.
  3. I don't have any friends on my friends list. Fuck.
  4. When you say always online ... have some of these cars on the road been other players? I spent most of my time at the wheel tearing across fields, smashing through greenhouses, driving on the wrong side of the road, head-on colliding with any car driving towards me, and, to finish, driving into the sea.
  5. I'd got it into my head it was more of an open world, leisurely, explore the British countryside in your car kind of game, rather than a competitive arcade racer with massive text powerpointing across the screen and fast/slow/fast/slow dramatic camera pans as a real-life car model is showcased for the first time. No big deal - at least Game Pass gives you an opportunity to give unknown stuff like this a try.
  6. Ok, I managed to make my way out into the countryside after all and it's very beautiful. I can't figure out how to mute the radio completely though. I can turn off the DJ and the GPS but the radio can only be muted to 1, not 0, meaning I have to mute the whole game to be able to play it without dreadful music.
  7. Ten minutes ago I'd never played a Forza game before. I just gave Forza Horizon 4 a cursory try on Game Pass. What a miserable first impression. I felt like I was playing a Youtube advert, the sort of commercial you immediately mute and minimise until it's finished. There were these voiceovers that were speaking English words but in combinations that made absolutely no sense. 'We've lost yellow.' 'Spin it for me, green!' I spent the whole opening going, 'What? What? Shut up!' And for some reason the game insisted on spoiling all the seasons and weather effects in the first few minutes, as though it was trying to convince me to buy a game I was already playing. I was under the impression this was some kind of drive leisurely around the beautiful countryside at your own pace kind of game. It's a track racer?
  8. Thanks! I've sent you a friend request so I can post you a tip!
  9. How do you know it's full? It gave me the interference message which I thought meant someone had a menu open and refused to close it.
  10. The same happened to me when trying to buy turnips on another island on Sunday. When I returned to my island I still had all the bells in my pockets and no turnips. I got negged for saying the online was terrible!
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