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  1. Hold on, if the target demographic is nostalgic Western men in their 30s then rllmuk is pretty much the intended audience. Other than the terrible music, I didn't recognise in it anything I remember from my early 2000s youth. But then it didn't even occur to me it was going for a skater vibe. The superhero/comicbook aesthetic seems to me a throwback that started much more recently than a couple of decades ago as well.
  2. "Over the course of 2020" according to The Verge. It's all the mainline FFs since VII, with XIV likely coming later: Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X: HD Remastered Final Fantasy X-2: HD Remastered Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XV
  3. I gave Sunset Overdrive a go for an hour or two tonight and it was almost entirely insufferable. I can tell there's an enjoyable game in there if the tone pushes your buttons or you're able to overlook it. Otherwise, it's like your rundown, achy-jointed 35-year-old self is trapped at a college rooftop party in L.A. with a crowd of buzzing 2020s fratboys all wearing the same shortsleeve-shirt-and-chino combo, swigging bottled beer, talking to each other exclusively in Breaking Bad quotes and inexplicably listening to '90s Green Day albums. 'Pranksters have TP'd the city' is an early line from the script. Is TP'd (toilet-papered) a verb anywhere outside of America? That's what I'm finding the toughest barrier of entry to these first-party Microsoft franchises - they are so relentlessly American. Everything feels like it's coming out of the Silicon Valley. The presentation is constantly styled as though for a cinema audience at the screening of a big budget superhero movie. I still have Crackdown 3, Dead Rising 4, Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves to try, and I'm pinning most of my hopes on Sea of Thieves to give me an experience that doesn't require me to be some kind of wannabe badass. I'm still loving Game Pass, just not for any of the first-party exclusives.
  4. Aren't all the Final Fantasy games about to hit Game Pass?
  5. Yikes. Trying to leave your island and someone is raging at me at the checkout desk! I don't know why. Some dude who was blowing into an instrument moments before who then jumped a queue of four people to go home. Airport rage in Animal Crossing!
  6. Thanks for opening! Your island puts mine to shame.
  7. What makes it so difficult is knowing that by choosing to play a game, what I'm really choosing is not to play the dozens of other games I want to be playing.
  8. I was all ready to buy it on Switch a few moments ago, then did a quick search for the Switch icon to make sure it wasn't a dud - and it was. Random game art with no title. I can't stand Switch icons without the title on them. Hopefully they fix it before the discount ends.
  9. Damn! I like how you have to select about seven dialogue responses one after the other just to fly to someone's island, but it takes exactly one dialogue response to banish your favourite villager from your island forever.
  10. Oh no, I accidentally told Hippeux to pack his things and leave, and now all he talks about is his impending departure. Is there any way to reverse this before he moves on?
  11. Much appreciated! Are those stone paths standard ones or did you design them yourself? They looked great.
  12. Ah, I didn't realise there was a separate boss level. Can you make a full course there in a castle setting? That'd be great. So this really is making your own full 2D Mario game. Insane.
  13. Yeah, I don't get it. Perhaps they're counting the bonus toad match-three stages as courses? You can add a few of those in addition to the maximum four courses per world.
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