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  1. Swaying koopa troopas aplenty! Bob Hoskins was great in this, slightly too bald for Mario but in terms of body size, height and demeanour- perfect.
  2. Thanks for this, defo into that, its like a lost album by Vangelis or something from the Blade Runner time.
  3. The KLF are copying Eddy Grant! Rip off merchants.
  4. New album out t'other week. Fucking A mate. They are the most commercial psych indie band I know.
  5. There is also King of the Ants which turns out was written by Charlie Higson.
  6. The 1980s film has a threatening presence, all Hunterian preservation jars and mad English scientist vibes. Amanda Pays pre Leviathan and Rod Steiger.
  7. Someone voigt-kampff that mofo! Prepare to be shot at under the table.
  8. Watch In the Earth on the biggest screen you can find. Wheatley revisits A Field in England but with added synths. Reece Shearsmith just loves this role, you can almost see him licking his lips at one point.
  9. Those CRT TV consumer types with component and VGA were always enticing, now you tell me they have lag, time to put that thought to bed.
  10. Never heard of him, his first series Cardiac Arrest is on youtube. Some of the funniest TV you will ever see. Shame about the 90s cinematography.
  11. They sell on Ebay for £40 and would recommend them totally.
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