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  1. I'm on a horror game kick at the minute, Layers of Fear and RE7, do you still have this Jimmbob? Cheers!
  2. It's the only flat screen panel that will display 480p natively. Are you in Berlin? Worth a punt. https://www.ebay.de/itm/184661524058
  3. The Xbone menu system overlay on top of the emulation makes my heart sing how far the tech has come! Good work.
  4. When the new console launched I was under the impression legacy Xbox one titles would run better on Xbox One X than Xbox Series S, is that still the case?
  5. Get yourself a native 480p (640x480) Philips LCD. Will be readily available in Germany. Model philips 20pf5121 can be bought for £30 Will display 1:1 pixel mapping
  6. Cheers! I remember seeing the film and there was an Unsane picture on the wall, years later Soderbergh released the film Unsane which made me realise he must have seen it.
  7. This is Tomb Raider by readers of Bizarre magazine rather than Loaded.
  8. By 1990 Microprose made Fire and Brimstone which looks amazing still. Chris Sorrell was interviewed here https://codetapper.com/amiga/interviews/chris-sorrell/ and mentions that the graphics were drawn in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga. What a CV.
  9. How did you cancel gamespass?
  10. ucci

    Xbox Game Pass

    What kind of renumeration do Microsoft (evil big giant corp) pay these companies (goodies)? Is it a one off payment or a per download payment? Certainly gives the game instant access to all subscribers.
  11. ucci

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just started games pass on the X1X and renewed from now till July 2023 for £53. 2 x 12 months Japan XBOX Live Gold codes + 2 months extra auto renewal + 3 months £1. That's too good.
  12. The playboy letters page! Haha. Curtis cynical and negative view of the world is quite strong in this one.
  13. Any decent boxes around like the recent Arbor Ales or BBNo offers?
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