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  1. Still haunts me to this day, had a choice to go to the cinema last year and watched this over The Night House. Ballsed up there defo.
  2. I started to watch it but the opening scene with him living in an air hanger in the Mojave Desert then putting on his leather jacket over his white tshirt made me cringe and had to turn it off immediately. Tortured capitalist nomad soul.
  3. I had a massive crush on Nicole Blackman. A gentle woman for a gentle man.
  4. Amiga on this works beautifully. Considering selling my original a500 setup then getting on board.
  5. ucci


    Amazing band even though I knew sod all of the tracks apart from the hits. They're lo fi indie gone mainstream, and cause of that people without alopecia were in the audience, good to see the next gen get into it. Also Bob Nastanovich may just be the second best backing vocalist of all time (wouldn't unseat Wendy Smith though).
  6. ucci


    @Minion Are you selling the Sunday ticket?
  7. Interestingly I told a Ukrainian woman at work about this and she will not watch it. Just too painful to see.
  8. Its going to be like watching a woman work in a Lada car factory in Vladivostock to then some fishermen making fish soup on a lake near Estonia. His segues are self directed random association but are defo effective and mesmerising.
  9. HAHAHA! The Cypriots have been doing it for centuries https://www.kopiaste.org/2007/11/fakes-moutzentra-lentils-with-rice-cypriot/ taken from the Middle East dish Mujaddara. So good.
  10. Might finally be time to upgrade. Cheers.
  11. Waking Life (2002) Rotoscoped American neuroses with added anti-gravity. If the dialogue in the Before Sunset trilogy made you cringe, then get ready for this which is equally as cringe but with the added feature of dreams. Couple of good points about lucid dreaming though, which are handy. Neuroticamericansinvietnamforthewin/10
  12. You say You say TAYtos, and I say TAytos. Taytos Taytos! Wouldn't last long on the Shankill Road with that one.
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