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  1. Will the whisky tumbler be a playable character? That would be cool.
  2. Can someone make a picture of the Jaguar, XSX and Ps5 all together but looking like toilet basins? That would be next level. And in keeping with the theme on RLLMUK.
  3. Playing this on a recently acquired X1X, it shimmers and looks so good, what trickery was contained in the 5GB update?
  4. This is gonna have some Strange Days virtual empathy thing going on. Many people going to be playing on X1X?
  5. Think of the furore around Bleemcast at E3. Imagine if Atomiswave compatibility was announced back then?
  6. GTA black coffee with those triggers bey!
  7. DC just keeps giving. Blessed are those who still play it.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/15/why-ive-already-sold-my-xbox-series-x-readers-feature-13595781/ Gamecentral doing what they do best! Haha.
  9. Thanks I'm now seeing the PS5 as some sort of giant vulva. It's hard to shake off.
  10. I have been tasked with making breakfast for about 100 people the week of Christmas, I have two ovens that are not on site but near, a microwave on site, two warming lidded dishes to hold it all in. Gonna get lorne sausage, black pudding, halloumi, sausage and egg mcmuffin homemade, vege version and a vegan version. Gonna give people a choice then make them on the morning, prepared. Will stagger everyone over two rooms at 20min intervals the whole morning. Fake champagne upon arrival and tea/coffee with mince pie to leave. Anyone else wanna come?
  11. Fake news! In games journalists and corporate sponsored youtubers we trust. Some good games there oh danny boy.
  12. Gamecentral are the most impartial games journalists no?
  13. It's the future! Hehehe.
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