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  1. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/19747046.van-fire-outside-kassam-stadium/
  2. I got Action Replay for PS2 with mem card for £1, a load of Wishbone Ash LPs for £20 and the best find were some sealed Panasonic DVD-RAM discs. Sad tale, at Oxford, one of the market trader vans was waiting to get in, and it set on fire, the fella sold lighter fluid and vaping stuff, so it was like a fireball, luckily no-one hurt but right opposite a vaccination centre.
  3. PC? Got it working the combination of lores textures and hires polygons make it quite striking indeed, still immensely playable..
  4. Brad Dourif voicing Chucky again in the new TV series is so funny. American little spoiled shit and psychopath all in one.
  5. Just got a DC again, with this and the atomiswave its my go to in 2021.
  6. Bugger in Glasgow for a few days and didn't realise this was on. Went the Barras and bought some new vinyl from a great stall with albums 2 for £10. Got Ben Frost, Murcof and my favourite Cavern of Anti Matter.
  7. ucci

    Alien: Isolation

    With a free subscription to TENA sanitary pads
  8. Bloody 'ell Boozy your all about the 90s hip hop. That stuff hard to find? Or all originally bought at the time?
  9. Can you still buy international xblg 12 month codes then through a vpn activate them at Microsoft website?
  10. Local has got Brewdog Planet Pale on tap, which has replaced Northern Monk Eternal, FFS. They also had Arbor Ales Galazacca in can, which was such a treat.
  11. Anyone done the internal hdmi mod? Just picked up a GC again. Can get a board off Ebay for a tenner then need to buy components.
  12. Disco Stars at first was quite rancid then it hit, its like listening to Mansun Six, at first you think what the **** is this then it hits and its the best album ever made...
  13. There seems to be a metaphysical cord between the two
  14. That looks superb! Will be trying that very soon indeed.
  15. Halloween III on Film4 tonight! Happy happy Halloween Silver Shamrock...
  16. Do commercial ventures buy these deals do you think?
  17. Just missed it at Fright Fest this year, there was an early version of this film that was about 30mins long from a few years ago. Seems to build on his society and vicious cabaret themes from 1984.
  18. Thanks for that tip, 24 cans of Disco Stars on their way.
  19. ucci

    The Man Utd Thread

    All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.
  20. Yes I am no longer 14 and gaming is a node on a varied landscape.
  21. IKEA is like capitalism, desparation and a queue for the new Iphone in 2008 in one kooky package.
  22. Worth a revisit then! I saw it once on vhs years ago, what's the best cut?
  23. The people involved in this and its a cluster fuck.
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