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  1. Yeah I heard that. I don't have one, I'm using a TPLink router with its wifi disabled, and a wholehome wifi mesh. Looks like there's a pattern where Sky send out a reset signal every night - twice in the last 3 days mine has vanished at 0248.
  2. BT. Just tried it again and still stayed on Q.130. and I have a 5 disc WholeHome wifi mesh. The closest AP is about 5m from the sky box across an open room so it's not a signal problem. To make matters more complicated, I've got one mini connected to the Q via a SkyQ Booster. That generally works well, but it's made something bizarre happen. At some seemingly random times, the Q will disconnect from my wifi and start using the booster as its way to the internet - the booster wasn't even supposed to be connected to my wifi! I think it learned the SSID and passcode from the Q, perhaps in
  3. Very interesting results so far. It's faring better than I expected... I do have the latest software but one (Q.130 - tried to update to Q.140 last week and it wouldn't give me it) so it will be interesting to see if that improves things when they let me have it. Are you all on v2 / v3 boxes? The ones that support HDR?
  4. Interesting. Are you using the router’s Wi-Fi or do you have any kind of extra booster / mesh?
  5. Trying to figure out how common this problem is. Mine is a pita some days.
  6. The Dark Red (2018 I think) 3/5. Would have been 4 if they’d done something more interesting with the closing third. Up to that point I thought it was excellent.
  7. Onward 3.5/5 - like others have said, feels more Dreamworks than Pixar, doesn't move the CGI industry on particularly but some very funny moments and some very heartwarming ones. The Hunt 3/5 - Quite a bit better than I expected. Lucy in the Sky 2/5 - Great acting from Portman but very confused. Unless they intended to illustrate that mental health issues are just all over the place, in which case they achieved that.
  8. choddo

    Ad Astra

    Or basically anything more interesting than
  9. choddo

    Ad Astra

    Just watched this and completely agree. I want my 2 hours back. I’m not spoilering any of this because I wouldn’t want anyone else to sit through it. Yeah there was a message in there but we knew it 5 minutes in. Absolutely terrible. The science was all over the shop. The jump through the rings to a tiny target from a spinning platform?! Jesus Christ. Worse than frozen space angel Leia. Using a nuclear explosion like a wave to surf on? The fact the surge things were coming from an antenna dish and yet all happened to be directly in line with wherever Brad was at the time?? We need to get
  10. Tempting but I sort of want to support local businesses if I can. I'll wait a bit longer but thanks for the link, might well use them if this goes on.
  11. So ... are Canon actually making any of these effing R5s or R6s?
  12. “Winter” was excellent. Properly tense. Those kids are good actors.
  13. That last episode had me shart myself
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