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  1. My mates and I played KO2 for hours and hours. About 10 years ago I ran into a community who were still holding tournaments. I bought a 500 (though we’d always played on an ST when I was 20) and that was fun for a while but they battered me every time. Don’t think there was a game I didn’t lose by at least 4 goals. After a few months I moved on and I donated them the amiga & sticks in case one of their machines ever broke down, as a kind of thankyou for letting me join their little underground subculture for a while. Wonder if they’re still playing it… anyway yes, where is Fire & Ice and Virus on this, hmmmm?
  2. I did drag Total Annihilation out again recently. That doesn’t make me smile but it’s got something about the challenge in the variety of tactics you can use that makes it really compelling still. Hades though. Absolutely.
  3. That is not untidy. and… yes I am mostly bored of games. Dabble now and again when a new idea or a genuine classic like tlou2 comes along and still love the artform. But I don’t like games that want to burn my time which seems to be most of them.
  4. Er, not sure. You seem to tilt the level. Whether it has changed how that looks relative to the screen… I didn’t think it was too different.
  5. The content is rendered and scaled to the screen size independently of the resolution these days. In the days of real coders having to draw each pixel “by hand” it was different.
  6. No because the text would be the same physical size, but with improved clarity
  7. Hmm Think a 1080p OLED would have been a big improvement. Did find the original a bit crap for small text. edit: would impact battery life though.
  8. What was the original Switch screen then?
  9. It is SO FUCKED UP. What the hell happened? Did they give this, the most important part of the whole game, to the fucking intern or something? You go off the end of the ramp and suddenly you're teleported about 40feet away and have absoutely no sense of travel through the air. You open yer ball thing at the peak of your flight and just ... fall into the water. Jesus it's bad. If someone isn't taken out back and shot for this, there is no justice. I am utterly aghast. Steam refund requested.
  10. I sometimes say Geoff Crammond this & that. And I know what Andrew Braybrook is doing because he’s on twitter a lot (and thanked me for sort of helping him with a coding problem )
  11. Wow, that studio still exists?? What exactly are they doing in there?
  12. Or shouldn’t I ask? I expected him to return from his hermitage by now.
  13. I do not know what these emu things are, do they need some sort of hackery firmware on old xboxes? I have an xbox one X, can I partake of the deluxe magic ?
  14. Because we don't all own the cables to connect our GCs to a display any more - my component cable's knackered.
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