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  1. choddo


    Can I just suggest that Bezier is very good. A bargain at £7 on Steam.
  2. I think I've seen all the endings now. I didn't want to do the whole thing again as I'd rinsed every mission over about 150 hours so I just kept reloading the critical choice towards the end. There's one which is clearly my favourite but they're all worth seeing. Now I need to start again as a woman just to see how it changes things. Still not getting it on with you know who though. I like my men with two eyes.
  3. Harriet (2019) 5 / 5 Story of an incredible woman.
  4. Your Name (2016, Makato Shinkai) 5/5 breathtaking. Watched his later movie, Weathering with you, a few days ago. That was beautiful but didn’t hang together that well and had a bit too much childish anime weirdness around sexuality even for a movie about the intensity of first love. This on the other hand, is close to perfect.
  5. @ZOKThe video I saw about this said it was too expensive. Did you have to pay for Cyberpunk on top of paying for the service as virtualised hardware?
  6. choddo


    It certainly seems to have changed pace a little since then
  7. That impossible boxing match people were talking about, was that the Pro guy (I've won that one after many attempts) or the one after?
  8. Noted for next playthrough ! Was so keen to finally get somewhere I could save after doing most of that section 3 times I didn't dare.
  9. They seem to like wrestling so this was more of a tribute than anything you could call disrespectful
  10. Related to this, you can tell there's been a lot of native English speakers working on this, the use of English is almost perfect. I think I've seen maybe 2 or 3 typos / dialogue mismatches in 130 hours.
  11. Sorry, read the actual real paper version
  12. Edge's review of this is SO spot on.
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