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  1. Can anyone explain to me why I play this? It's so goddamn boring but I can't stop myself.
  2. Old. M Night Shyamalan 1/5 I’m actually offended at how badly this interesting concept was ruined.
  3. In this case it clearly has a wonderfully photoshopped engineered controller built in.
  4. That lets you play the games on that device? Is it a virtual cloud thingy?
  5. choddo

    F1 23

    WTF are "pitcoins"?
  6. Absolutely. And I properly laughed when Quill, having picked up a 7k debt, is reminding them all why they are so good and why it will be fine, “you’re Rocket, you’re the best damn engineer blah etc…” and then he gets to Groot
  7. This is massively reduced on Steam at the moment, not sure if that's the first time, probably not. I picked it up last night.
  8. choddo


    Great review too. How did he do that spiralling with the multiples? I've never seen that!
  9. I quite like using VS to help me focus during zoom webinars - I find I listen much more attentively and don't get distracted by other apps / slack etc. It's really odd. Anyway I racked this up for the lols on a call just now and it was absolute carnage as is mandatory. No slowdown on the new CPU either
  10. Vampire Survivors, Hades or Kingdom Two Crowns probably. Cyberpunk a close second, just because the denominator is a lot bigger but damn I got my money's worth from those chooms.
  11. This thread made me discover John Singleton died in 2019 at just 51. I don't remember hearing about it at the time. What a tragic waste.
  12. Is that 1440p at 16:9? How do you think it would do at 3440x1440? I don't really need to burn another 600 and definitely not the stupid money for a 4090 and associated PSU (and case??) upgrade it would need, but ma cyberpunks are looking merely good at the moment on my 2070.
  13. King of New York (1991) Christopher Walken, Snipes, Caruso, Fishburne, Buscemi for 30 seconds Bloke gets out of prison and decides to kill all the evil mob boss rivals in an attempt to create some kind of legacy. Stylishly shot but an utterly ridiculous plot, looks beyond dated, gratuitous tits, casual racism. Terrible audio mix. Worst dancing to hip-hop in cinema history. 2/5. imdb close to 7/10. No.
  14. Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse with Michael B Jordan on Prime Jordan is ok-ish. The plane scene is very well done though ludicrous - the concept of NOT jumping?! Lots of standard issue mil-porn which gets very boring and a sub-standard plot. Absolutely ridiculous contrivances and plot holes starting from the very first scene. Apparently a disservice to the book which I haven’t read 1/5
  15. EE All At Once 4/5 Close to brilliance with just a couple of "nah, too stupid" bits and 20 minutes too much movie.
  16. Does anyone else's Steam client keep re-doing the 15 March update?
  17. ? God I loved that game.
  18. They know that their market is the absolute cream of the intelligentsia
  19. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gamecube-Nintendo-software-Line-Doubling-Kaico/dp/B083RXFNDD Needs a machine that can do prog scan component DIGITAL AV output afaik
  20. I am too scared it will blow up. My precious.
  21. I have all mine AND an HDMI adapter. juggling bastard Freeloader discs is too much of a PITA though. I bet Stifler’s got one GC from each Region. edit: fucking knew it
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