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  1. Tempting but I sort of want to support local businesses if I can. I'll wait a bit longer but thanks for the link, might well use them if this goes on.
  2. So ... are Canon actually making any of these effing R5s or R6s?
  3. “Winter” was excellent. Properly tense. Those kids are good actors.
  4. That last episode had me shart myself
  5. Oh my word, happened across a superb combination today which got me to the end (and haven't they done a great job of that!) Shield of all bloody things. Didn't press attack once in the whole run. Got my Special Doomed up to about 160 with a +4 target bounce and then found something which buffed that by 189% so I was doing about 328 damage albeit delayed by 0.5s. Combined with entry level dash (x3) deflect which saved an awful lot of hurt, Cast that was those red Ares whirlpools amped up a fair bit in size and damage, and a Level 2 poseidon Call which I had at max power and didn't e
  6. I'd have thought it could just auto-calculate an optimal gamma curve based on the darkest & brightest pixels on the screen, and maybe percentage - so one candle wouldn't overload a dark scene. Maybe.
  7. Yeah I wasn't too fussed about DV when I had a TV that couldn't do it, but having seen the Mandalorian with it, there's a distinct improvement. The streaming apps on the one X support it. Looks like a dedicated player might be on the cards.
  8. It’s ok I think. Quiet. Image quality with HDR10 is very nice. No one knows if the Series X beast that will never fit under the TV anyway monolith will do DV as far as I know. All speculation.
  9. To be fair, I've got a stack of hard drives with holes in them here and I don't have any secret doping programme going on.
  10. Better than going out of business. What sort of work do you have to do?
  11. He works for them though
  12. Ep3 I quite liked. I shall persevere.
  13. I loved the first episode of this. Then the second was a total chaotic shitshow. Not sure whether to continue.
  14. So I finally got to finish this after it reappeared on sky box sets. Really loved it. Episode 8 was wonderful. But so was 5. Incredible TV. But. Did they really have to smash us over the head quite so brutally with the exposition in the last episode? edit: hang on, are spoilers knackered?
  15. Absolutely love this. 4k on sky. Big screen. Damn shame it’s not in HDR, the palette is so gorgeous.
  16. Don't underestimate the bow's Special once it's got a couple of boons. I was creaming some really tough bullet hell beasties with it last night.
  17. Great video (I learned a couple of things in spite of 10 hours playtime already) - like how you edited the game sequences, fitted with the voiceover very nicely.
  18. Discovered this thanks to this month's Edge. Good grief, it's good. Love this type of game anyway but the art, humour and perfect pacing of skills building make it.
  19. 3 years later I discover this on Steam and do the exact same thing. I am never loading this game again.
  20. Heading down to the coast yesterday, couldn’t help but start looking for the aquarium entrance...
  21. run past as they dive and then use air effective stuff when you can get it.
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