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  1. On 25/03/2022 at 13:45, Bushtopher said:

    If I try to re-register the address it looks like the page which says in verified has links to the polls, but it seems I have to re-register each time for each vote.


    No you just open each link in a tab (or go back once you've voted in one and follow the next one)


    Glad you got it sorted.

    I put that in the OP in this thread once we discovered this stupid change this year. :(

  2. Oh sorry guys, I was watching this page up until yesterday (must have been Friday) and no one else seemed to have any problems for a long time and votes were still slowly clicking up on the counter so I thought we were past all that crap.


    On 25/03/2022 at 22:51, therearerules said:

    Still not working for me, just get 'already registered' message


    Did it not show you the 4 links to vote on that page when you did that?


    On 25/03/2022 at 22:25, deKay said:

    Are the links unique to the user? If not, can someone post them please?


    I think that wouldn't have worked anyway


    I have just checked the results which I will post next - there were none which were material within 10 votes so I don't believe this would have impacted the results (unless there are loads of people who tried and it didn't work but haven't complained about it) but I'm very sorry there were still issues. It's extremely frustrating.

  3. On 21/03/2022 at 15:13, mexos said:

    I thought Naomi Schiff did ok when she was actually talking to drivers, TPs etc but when it was just her and Ted etc she struggled a bit. It much be pretty full on to slot into a team like that doing complex live broadcast on a complex sport when everyone else there has been doing it for years. I wonder if she's going to rotate in an out - like JB? I assume she's still doing a race series this year?


    I thought she was very good. Better than that tool Lazenby. The HDR coverage on Sky is super tasty, probably helped by the fact it was a night race.

  4. On 21/03/2022 at 20:29, wev said:

    Mark Webber was saying all the glare wasn't nearly as bad as those cameras show, but I guess it's more that you learn not to notice it?


    the camera is also not in quite the same position as the driver's eyeballs so reflections that hit the camera may well not be visible

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