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  1. Ha yes that did seem a bit arbitrary but quite a cool embellishment. I'm still doing side missions having finished the main storyline. fwiw
  2. Is that looking for P6 by any chance?
  3. The Anchor. Jesus wept. I get my head into one of the tough sections on this and refuse to stop playing until I've done it. That one took me maybe 40 attempts.
  4. We adore the character so much we replaced her in Finn's affections with a cowgirl of more appropriate ethnicity
  5. tomato ketchup flavour were awesome. Sort of like a tangier prawn cocktail.
  6. Now that you've got me started on the dagger ... wasn't it lucky they were standing where they were?
  7. The director did a ton of research
  8. Ah now that’s where you’re wrong. I quite liked it for the spectacle and a couple of good ideas but the plot points that “needed to be wrapped up almost immediately”? That’s Abrams all over. He has no idea where any of those plot points were going to go and his wrapping up is to just drop them. It’s like the polar bear all over again but circa 20 times in 2 hours. I watched the first one in an old fashioned cinema in Northampton (probably flats now) up near the front of the circle. I watched this one in the front row of the circle in an old fashioned Everyman in Esher :-)
  9. I have now seen it. It was good. But. And I’m not even going to spoiler this because it’s simply a warning to all humanity: I categorically do not approve of cart horses on the hulls of star destroyers (worried your speeders will get somehow electrically disabled by a weapon that wasn’t even in the place you originally intended to attack? then land closer to the target fuckwits) and anyone who decided they had a place should never work in cinema again.
  10. Hang on, wtf, Some bloody nasty serpenty thing can mind-control 2 of my guys in one turn?!
  11. 100% on the money. And how the fuck am I going to fit that thing under my TV?
  12. I like this a lot. How have they got away with that food icon?
  13. My son loved 2. Easily worth a tenner.
  14. Well I for one am super glad this is on EpicGames because that means I got to sign up to an extra service and when I sent them my cash, I got fuck all back in return so can't even play it. Great job. I'm only forgiving them because of Laser Squad or I would be pulling this whole place apart.
  15. Yeah ok Astrobot is great.
  16. Well great, I just went to get Astrobot (which was on sale) and ended up spending another 40 quid on God of War, Detroit and Nino Kuri II.
  17. PSVR is 1080p and it doesn’t look sharp (Albeit the experience is still great). Text is horrible usually. Are the latest PC headsets a lot better ?
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